Lorraine Gavloski

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Amsterdam Blonde #25 #26
Official Performance Drinking PC Lager #2
Official Performance Drinking Lakeport Honey Lager #1
Official Performance Drinking Brava 5.5% #1

7 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Lorraine Gavloski 10:37 27-Jul-2018 DUNDAS ON
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VI
45 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Another PB and she takes home the hardware! Was it the lipstick that made the difference? Maybe we'll find out next year...
Lorraine "The Polish Princess" Gavloski 10:39 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
44 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Slave to the Ron Lariviere Training Program pays off in spades! Second female to beat the standing record and shaves almost 7 mins off her '16 time! Expect single digit results next year.
Lorraine Gavloski 11:09 5-Jul-2019 Dundas Ontario Canada
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
46 Podium appearance YET AGAIN! Won the 'last to leave the party' award too. #PRO
Lorraine "Polish Princess" Gavloski 27:17 14-Jun-2013 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Ontario Beer Mile!
From Can Lakeport Honey Lager Is building a Beer Mile Track in her backyard now she's so addicted.
Lorraine "The Polish Princess" Gavloski 31:06 20-Jun-2015 Dundas, ON, Canada
Dundas Beer Mile III; The Trilogy
42 From Can Brava 5.5% Showed off big time, not just with the costime but with the 5.5% race brewskies. Over-achiever.
Lorraine "'PP Chopper'" Gavloski 32:35 27-Jun-2014 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Beer Mile II
From Can Labatt 50 Not a PB; choosing '50' as her beer of choice cost her at least 3 mins.
Lorraine "The Polish Princess" Gavloski (R) 17:22 29-Jul-2016 DUNDAS ON
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile 4; The 1st Olympiad
43 From Can PC Lager Huge PB while chicking Campbell. Campbell no-like.