Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Arizona Performance #28
Official State of Kentucky Performance #26
Official State of New York Performance #11
Official State of Wisconsin Performance #17 #31
Official 1992 Performance #1 #1
Official Performance Drinking Slingshot #2
Official Performance Drinking Icehouse #9 #13
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Dry #19
Official Performance Drinking Coopers #2
Official Performance Drinking Half Bite #1

37 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
MexicanRimJob 15:47 1-Apr-2013 Seattle, WA
Often Annual Rain City HHH Beer Mile
32 From Can Milwaukee Best Ice
MJ 41:29 11-Aug-2012 Alexandria, VA
What Does Your V-Neck Shirt Want?
MJ 41:29 11-Aug-2012 Alexandria, VA
What Does Your V-Neck Shirt Want?
MJ 41:29 11-Aug-2012 Alexandria, VA
What Does Your V-Neck Shirt Want?
From Bottle Coors
Iram J. 6:54 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Men's Sub-Elite
Jim Jackson 13:39 9-Sep-2007 Tempe, AZ
Tempe Arizona Beer Mile
44 From Can Coors
Tom Jackson 9:57 18-Oct-2018 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Pitt H3 Beer Mile Fall 2018
28 From Can Labatt's Blue
Tom Jackson 10:36 7-Jun-2007 Nottingham, United Kingdom
NUAC Chunder Mile 2007
Adam Jacobs 6:35.3 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 1
From Can Slingshot
Tim Jaeger 8:21 9-Sep-2017 Leverkusen, Deutschland
3rd German Beermile Championships 2017
From Bottle Heineken 5% 0.33l
Callum James 12:37 21-Sep-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Parkville Beer Mile
Callum James 18:18 27-Apr-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Autumn Classic
Callum James 22:21 23-Apr-2011 Bridport, Tasmania
3rd annual Bridport Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Crown Lager PB
Callum James 23:27 3-Apr-2010 Bridport, Tasmania
Bridport Easter Beer Mile
20 From Bottle Tooheys Dry first finish, had 12 beers before the start. Swam around the track
Callum "KJ" James 28:02 6-Apr-2012 Bridport, Tasmania
2012 Tasmanian beer/chocolate milk mile championships
22 From Bottle boags
Sam James 12:04 5-Aug-2016 Lexington, KY
Lexington Beer Mile Summer 2016
40 From Can Half Bite
Tom James 10:29 26-Aug-2017 New Farm Park, New Farm, Queensland, Australia
Tom's birthday
Tim Jankowski 7:43 8-May-2004 Platteville, WI
2004 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
21 From Bottle IceHouse
Tim Jankowski 8:47 7-May-2005 Platteville, WI
2005 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
22 From Bottle IceHouse
Bram "The Captain" Jansen 6:45 3-Jun-2018 Ratoath, County Meath, Ireland
Ratoath AC Beer Mile
30 Brooklyn Lager
Sam "J-Ram" Jerema 8:45.6 5-Feb-2005 Winnipeg, MB
Bison Winter Beer Mile
21 From Can Molsen Dry mohawk
Cam Johnson 10:07.5 14-Sep-1996 Winnipeg, MB
1st Manitoba World Cup of Beer Miling
Tim Johnson 6:59 6-Dec-2005 Los Gatos CA
2005 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Tim Johnson 7:42 23-Nov-2011
Silicon Valley Beer MIle 2011
Tim Johnson 8:28 8-Sep-2018 Johannesburg, South Africa
6th All Africa Beermile
From Bottle Heineken
Adam "3.8" Johnston 7:41.1 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
2019 Beer Mile World Classic
From Bottle Rebel Scotland
Tim Johnston 6:59 25-Nov-2009 Los Gatos CA
2009 Silicon Valley Beer MIle
Tim Johnston 8:03 4-Dec-2008 Los Gatos CA
Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008
Kim Johnstone 12:32 26-Oct-2018 South Yarra VIC, Australia
2018 Fawkner Frothfest
From Bottle Coopers
Adam Jones 14:10 13-Jan-2007 Lakeland, Fl
The XXX Beer Mile
23 From Can Budweiser This dudes a high school chemistry teacher
Adam "The Godfather" Jones 14:10.2 13-Jan-2007 Lakeland, Florida
The XXX Beer Mile
23 From Can Budweiser This dudes a high school chemistry teacher
Tom Jones 6:52 1-Aug-1992 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic IV
Tom Jones 8:36 24-Aug-1996 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic VIII
Tim Joseph 8:52 22-Dec-2013 Morris County, NJ
11th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
29 From Can Budweiser
Tom Joy 9:46 12-Dec-2014 Bristol, United Kingdom
Bristol Chunder Mile
20 From Can Stella PB
MJ Yacht-co 13:58 31-Dec-2013 Long Island, NY
New Year's Eve Beer Mile
29 From Can Bud Light
Damjana Zupancic 10:32 2-Nov-2013 Novo mesto, Slovenia, Europe
46 From Can Pittinger women beermile 4 laps 3 beers 0,33l