Maria Proctor

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Montana Performance #30
Official Female Masters (30+) Performance #27
Official Performance Drinking Keystone #5
Official Performance Drinking 330ml #23
Official Performance Drinking Girl drink #6
Official Performance Drinking Cariboo Blonde #2

20 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Marianne 8:40 29-Sep-2007 Sherbrooke, PQ
Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or 2007
20 From Cup Girl drink DQ
Maria Berger 8:45 15-Aug-2003 Missoula, MT
The Team Stampede Beer Mile
30 From Can Keystone winning women
Maria Egorova 17:23 12-Oct-2019 Moscow, Russia
Beer Mile Moscow 2.0
31 From Can Волковская
Marianna "Stripes" Horne 23:63 27-Sep-2003 Montreal, PQ
Innaugural N.R.H McGill Beer Mile
20 From Can Budweiser Well done Stripes
Maria Mesherinova 11:42 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg 330ml
Maria "Maria" Nomellini 29:49 17-Aug-2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada
6th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
21 From Can Cariboo Blonde Unseats the defending women's champion!
Maria Ohlsson 20:32 2-Oct-2012 Linkoping, Sweden
LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012
From Can 33 cl
Maria Polyakova 25:59 6-Jul-2019 Bryansk, Russia
Bryansk Mini-Beer Mile 2019
18 From Bottle Leffe
Maria Proctor 11:04 4-Jun-2016 Oxley Creek, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Beer Mile for Breast Cancer
From Cup Champagne
Maria Schmiterl?w 31:40 30-Sep-2009 Link?ping, Sweden
LiTHe Syras Beer Mile 2009
From Can 330ml
Lisa-Maria Slim 25:01 16-Jun-2016 Vieux-Limoilou, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2016
Mariana Solitarii 14:11 24-Aug-2019 Arad Romania
Beer Mile editia 4 - Arad (lacul Malataret)
50 From Bottle Ciuc
Mariane "team spirit" Tr?panier 14:06 7-Apr-2006 Sherbrooke, PQ
Sherbrooke Spring Beer-Off
22 From Bottle Boris cool beer not regulatory
Mariane "team spirit" Tr?panier 17:51 1-Oct-2005 Sherbrooke, PQ
Beer Mile Initiation Cross-Country Vert & Or 2005
22 From Bottle Girl's drink
Mariane "Team Spirit" Trepanier 16:00 30-Sep-2006 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-Country USherbrooke
23 From Can Smirnoff Ice Wow, le monde tourne autour de moi!
Marianne Turmel 18:26 25-Jun-2015 Quebec, PQ
Limoilou Beer Mile 2015
From Can Budweiser
Marianne Turmel 18:56 10-Aug-2017 Vieux-Limoilou, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2017
From Can Budweiser
Marianne Turmel 19:07 16-Jun-2016 Vieux-Limoilou, Ville de Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2016
Marianne Turmel 19:33 16-Aug-2018 Vieux-Limoilou, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2018
31 From Can Budweiser
Marianne Turmel 21:04 6-Sep-2019 Vieux-Limoilou
Limoilou Beer Mile 2019