Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Coors Extra Gold #20
Official Performance Drinking Yuengling #17
Official Performance Drinking Old Style Pilsner #4
Official Performance Drinking Yingling #7
Official Performance Drinking Mama's Little Yella Pils #6
Official Performance Drinking Abita #1

33 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Garrett & Megan 6:57.5 22-Jun-2017 East River Track, NY, NY
2017 Spring NYC Beer Mile Championship (Relay)
Megan 19:22 5-May-2017 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Koren's B-Day Beer Mile 2017
Megan 20:42 26-Apr-2005 Steamboat Springs, CO
Full Moon Mile
From Can Keystone Second Place Girls
Megan 35:35 20-Mar-2010 Winnipeg, MB
2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Keiths
Megan Brady 18:59 17-Dec-2006 Morris County, NJ
4th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
24 From Bottle Abita USA
Megan Brady 24:34 18-Dec-2005 Morris County, NJ
3rd Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
23 From Bottle Yingling Extra lap
Megan Broussard 9:37 21-Jun-2005 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Summer Beer Mile
Megan Broussard 16:41 21-Dec-2010 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Holiday Beer Mile
Megan Broussard 19:12 30-May-2010 New Orleans, LA
Memorial Day Beer Mile
24 From Can Budweiser
Megan Calderwood 24:09 2-Apr-2016 Ogden, UT, United States
Megan's Birthday Beer Race
34 From Can Root Beer and Shot 1/2 Root Beer and 1/2 shot per lap
Cam Egan 10:29 17-Jun-2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Trout Lake Beer Mile - Cam's Stag
From Can Old Style Pilsner
Megan Fritch 9:59 15-Oct-2010 West Chester, PA
10th Annual West Chester Beer Mile
From Can Coors Extra Gold First Female - Yes 4 beers this year
Megan Fritchman 8:30 24-Nov-2006 West Chester, PA
6th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile
From Can Yuengling Lager Light 2006 Female Iron Woman Champ
Megan Fritchran 9:28 16-Dec-2005 West Chester, PA
5th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile
From Can Yuengling Top Female
Megan Gohres 10:39 23-Aug-2018 New Orleans, LA, USA
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2018
32 From Can Budweiser heat 1
Megan Gohres 13:40 15-Dec-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2015
29 From Can Budweiser Heat 2
Megan Gohres 15:07 1-Aug-2019 New Orleans, LA
Louisiana State Championship Beer Mile
33 From Can Corona
Megan Gohres 15:56 23-Jun-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2016
30 From Can Mama's Little Yella Pils Heat 2
Megan Hill 12:24 27-Sep-2003 Montreal, PQ
Innaugural N.R.H McGill Beer Mile
19 From Can Budweiser Paid no attention to the skirt clause and ran the men's mile. P.S. . .ran a penalty lap
Megan Jacobs 13:48 13-Nov-2009 Carrollton, GA
5th Annual UWG Beer Mile
21 From Can Keystone Light 1st girl
Megan Kochen 15:10 17-Oct-2015 Ocala, FL, United States
Ocala Beer Mile
26 From Bottle New Belgium Pumpkin
Megan Miller 11:14 27-May-2005 Northfield, MN
2005 Carleton Chug-a-Lug Mile
From Can Milwaukee' Special Reserve Light
Megan O'Dowd 10:57 1-Jan-2018 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile
40 From Can Miller High Life
Megan Omara 12:00 20-Jul-2018 Cody, WY
The Cody Beer Mile
Megan Perigo 9:23.4 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
17 From Cup Chocolate Milk
megan "horndog" poppens 10:00 1-Jan-2003
south dakota state university beer mile champs
20 From Can Budweiser female snowmile world record holder
megan "love buns" poppens 10:01 25-Nov-2003 Brookings, SD
south dakota beer mile champs
20 From Can Budweiser womens world record
Megan R. 28:12 20-Sep-2014 San Diego, CA
2014 Schmidt Cup Classic
28 From Bottle Budweiser
Megan R. 31:07.8 14-Sep-2013 San Diego, CA
2013 Schmidt Cup Classic
27 From Bottle Budweiser
Megan Tiffany 14:45 15-Jan-2012 South Elgin, IL
Grand Slam Beer Mile
From Bottle Blue Moon co-winner: best costume
Megan Waters 23:25 5-May-2015 Salt Lake City, UT
Koren's Cinco de Drinko Beer Mile
25 From Can Icehouse
Megan Wolfe 20:59 24-Oct-2008 Vancouver, BC
9th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Megan Woods 27:06 28-Nov-2019 Palos Heights, IL
McWoods Turkey Beer Mile
From Can Pepsi