Mike Birch

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Sleeman Original Draught #1

4 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Mike "Birchy" Birch 9:29 14-Aug-2011 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2011
25 From Can Molson Canadian Absolute warrior, battled back from a brutal performance last year when he felt like a girl and/or pussy. Once again feeling victory in his blood.
Mike "Birchy" Birch 9:53 23-May-2009 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2009
23 From Can Kokanee Feeling victory in his blood
Mike "Birchy" Birch 10:06 10-May-2009 Hespeler, ON
The Test Beer Mile
23 From Can Sleeman Original Draught Almost bafed from laughing when other participant was barfing
Mike "Birchy" Birch 14:42 26-Jun-2010 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2010
24 From Can Molson Canadian No longer feeling victory in his blood