Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official Female Performance #3 #5
Official State of California Performance #49
Official State of South Dakota Performance #25
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum #24
Official Performance Drinking Bud Heavy #12
Official Performance Drinking Shock Top #10
Official Performance Drinking Blue Buck #6
Official Performance Drinking Old Vienna #2

37 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Morgan 18:02 22-Aug-2015 Harvard Gulch Track, Denver, CO
Mile High Beer Mile
Morgan 22:55 1-Jan-2011 Tampa, Florida
2011 Tampa Beer Mile
Morgan "Eagle 2" Anderstrom 15:03 1-Aug-2020 Tommy’s shooting Range
Luedtke Memorial Beer Mile
38 From Bottle Shock Top Won this bitch
Morgan "Fezz" Anderstrom 15:35 2-Oct-2015 Enfield, CT, United States
Soapstone Beer Mile
33 Puked early, nothing else of note
Allison Grace Morgan 29:59 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic; 2017 Women
USA: DQ/DNG...did not run penalty lap
Morgan Harker 18:08 8-Dec-2000 Victoria, BC
Victorian Triathletes 2000 Beer Mile
Morgan Inglis 16:03 8-Dec-2012 Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
28 From Can Big Surf Larger (5%) Wasn't allowed to wuss out this year. King of the sprint finish pipping McCarthy and O'Cheallaigh.
Morgan Merritt 16:54.12 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Open Heat 1
Aaron Morgan 11:13 15-May-2020 Vancouver BC
Virtual Vancouver Beer Mile
Alison Morgan 28:57 8-Aug-2019 Missoula, MT
2nd Annual onX Beer Mile
bud heavy
Allison Morgan 7:06 27-Nov-2016 Bend, OR, United States
Bend Holiday Beer Mile
33 From Bottle Budweiser First Beer Mile
Allison Grace Morgan 6:16.5 4-Jul-2020 San Francisco, cA
2020 Beer Mile EWorld Classic (Women)
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum USA WR
Allison Grace Morgan 6:24.1 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic 2019
USA, World and USA #2 All time
Andrew Morgan 12:22 24-Apr-2012 Balgownie, Aberdeen
Aberdeen University Chunder Mile 2012
Brian Morgan 7:46 19-Jul-2018 Byron, MN, USA
Team RED Beer Mile Championship - 6th Annual
From Can Coors Banquet
Captain Morgan 9:55 25-Jun-2011 Philadelphia, PA
Log College Beer Mile
18 From Can Budweiser first time, PR
James Morgan 16:11 29-Oct-2016 Kill Devil Hills, NC, United States
Inaugural Beer Witch Project
46 From Cup OBBS
Jed "Kids on a stringer" Morgan 11:07 12-Dec-2009 Spearfish, SD
4th Annual BHSU Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon jaine wasn't as good as Led today
Jed "No-Money" Morgan 12:58 4-Dec-2011 Spearfish, SD
6th annual bhsu beer mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon You talked to much and puked
Katie Morgan 13:54 29-Oct-2016 Kill Devil Hills, NC, United States
Inaugural Beer Witch Project
33 From Cup OBBS
Kelly Morgan 9:49 26-May-2014 Denver, CO
Memorial Day Beer Mile 2014
33 From Can Coors Light
Kylie Morgan 26:45 15-May-2020 Vancouver BC
Virtual Vancouver Beer Mile
Mark "Buschwhacker" Morgan 11:17 18-Sep-2015 Cambridge, ON, Canada
Cambridge Fall Beer Mile
Old Vienna struggled a bit but got it done!
Mark "Chelsea" Morgan 12:00 1-Jan-2013 Cambridge Ontario
Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2
51 From Can Busch
Mark "Markie Mark" Morgan 12:07 22-Oct-2016 Cambridge, ON, Canada
Annual Cambridge Beer Mile
55 From Can Coors
NFHN Morgan 51:37 15-Mar-2008 Spring Lake, NC
Carolina Trash Beer Mile 2008
27 From Can Miller Lite
Patrick Morgan 5:42 21-Nov-2010 Terre Haute, Indiana
2010 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Shawn Morgan 7:21 26-Jul-2003 New Berlin, WI
1st Annual Chocolate Milk Mile
15 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Connor "Mr Incredible" Morgan-Lang 25:52 15-Aug-2016 16th and Discovery
7th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
24 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Connor "Mr. Fantastic" Morgan-Lang 28:53 17-Aug-2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada
6th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
23 From Can Blue Buck 15 minute 3rd beer
Bradley Morganfeld 12:05.8 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 1
From Can Slingshot
Tim Morganstein 10:16 20-Dec-2015 Morris County, NJ
13th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
31 From Can Budweiser
Morgan Neal 23:11 23-Jul-2016 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Morgan Sears Neal 22:00 15-Jul-2017 Chester, VA
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Shock Top
Morgan Sears-Neal 38:20 2-Jan-2016 Chester, VA
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Crispin Cider
Morgan Voyles 9:37 17-Jul-2010 Knoxville, TN
210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile
15 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Morgan Zearott 33:30 22-Jun-2014 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Summer Beer Mile
From Can Mutton Buster