Nick Croker

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Moosehead #22
Official Performance Drinking Laker #7
Official Performance Drinking Labbat 50 #1

4 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Nick "The Stick" Croker 8:08 17-Mar-2007 Thunder Bay, ON
1st Annual Saint Patrick's Day Beer Mile
21 From Can Laker Another well run race, and destroyed Kip Sigsworth time, which he is proud of. The pre race training at Kenga's the Thursday before really helped.
Nick Croker 8:27 10-Nov-2017 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada
Black Lungs Beer Mile 2017
From Can Labbat 50
Nick Croker 12:01 20-Nov-2004 Thunder Bay, ON
LU Championship Cup of Beermiling
19 From Bottle Moosehead Popped his Beer Mile cherry
Croker Nick 7:52 24-Jun-2011 Toronto, ON
5th Annual West Toronto Classic
From Can Laker