Nick L

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #154 #199
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #19 #23
Official Province of New Brunswick, Canada Performance #5
Official State of Minnesota Performance #18 #21
Official State of New Hampshire Performance #1
Official State of New York Performance #34
Official State of Ohio Performance #48
Official State of Oregon Performance #6 #16
Official State of Virginia Performance #18
Official 2007 Performance #6
Official 2009 Performance #3
Official Performance Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon #5
Official Performance Drinking Molson Canadian #23
Official Performance Drinking VB #28
Official Performance Drinking Corona #15
Official Performance Drinking Labatt's Blue #1
Official Performance Drinking Miller #12
Official Performance Drinking Ice House #19
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Winter Ale #2 #3
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island #1
Official Performance Drinking alpine #2
Official Performance Drinking Brooklyn #1
Official Performance Drinking Brewdog Punk IPA #1
Official Performance Drinking Sweet Life #1
Official Performance Drinking Harpoon Camp Wannamango #1
Official Performance Drinking Sweet Life Ale #1

66 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Nick Agulia 8:40 24-Mar-2012 Storrs, CT
1st Annual UCONN Alumni Beer Mile
22 From Can Keystone great opener
Nick "Shaft" Alden 6:27 11-May-2013 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #3
31 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Nick "Shaft" Alden 6:31 30-Jul-2015 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #6
33 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Nick "Shaft" Alden 6:34 30-May-2014 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #4
32 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Nick "Shaft the Impactor" Alden 6:52 28-May-2016 Eugene, OR, United States
Eugene Beer Mile #7
34 From Can Sweet Life
Nick "Shaft" Alden 7:00 27-May-2017 SEHS Track 24th and Amazon, Eugene Oregon
Eugene Beer Mile #8 Pre Lives
35 From Can Sweet Life Ale
Nick Baniel 17:08 2-Apr-2015 O'Fallon, IL
Non-SCI Sanctioned Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Nick Chamberlain 8:58 20-Oct-2018 Hardraw, Hawes, UK
2Tough2Kill Beer Mile
Brewdog Punk IPA
Nick Ciminello 12:00 10-Dec-2016 Moreland Hills, OH, United States
Lucky Owl Brewing Beer Mile
38 From Can Budweiser
Nick Clement 13:50 14-Nov-2016 Ward Rd, Acton, ACT, 2601, Australien
B&G and friends Beermile
Nick Cloete 9:42 2-Sep-2017 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
5th All African Beer Mile
29 From Bottle Heineken
Nick Cloete 10:28 22-Aug-2015 Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
3rd All African
29 From Bottle Budweiser
Nick Cloete 13:14 8-Sep-2018 Johannesburg, South Africa
6th All Africa Beermile
From Bottle Heineken
Nick Cloete 14:01 27-Sep-2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
2nd All African Beer Mile 2014
27 From Bottle Castle Lager
Nick Cloete 16:10 15-Oct-2016 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
4th All African Beermile 2016
29 From Bottle Black Label
Cole "Downtown" Czuchnicki 9:01 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
30 From Can Coors Banquet First-time beer miler learned all about the chunder, but still came in under 10 mins! Expect big things in beer mile years to come!
Nick "Roger" Daniels 7:53 9-Dec-2017 Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia
Nick’s Run Club beer mile #2
From Bottle Molson Canadian
Nick Earl 9:01 21-Sep-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Parkville Beer Mile
Nick Earl 9:38 3-May-2014 Tin Alley, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
2014 Parkville Beer Milers Autumn Classic
Nick Early 11:11 21-Nov-2009 Chicago, IL
2009 Illinois Beer Mile State Championship
28 From Can Ice House
Nick Flom 8:01 15-Aug-2015 Newfolden, MN, United States
Brock's Beer Mile
35 From Can Budweiser
Nick Golowko 8:09 13-Jun-2012 Montville, NJ
MTHS Milk Mile 2012
17 From Cup 2% Milk
Nick "Usain Holt" Holt 8:25 28-Dec-2015 New Brighton, Wallasey, United Kingdom
Wallasey Athletic Club Inaugural Beer Mile
41 From Bottle Brooklyn One time race leader
Nick "Bitch" Holt 8:34.87 18-Jun-2007 Woodinville, WA
Biggest Balling Beer Mile
18 From Can Coors will never eat taco del mar agian and shoes too small
Nick Hurrell 8:08 12-Nov-2016 Peterborough, ON, Canada
Peterborough Beer Mile 2016
33 From Can Budweiser Steady Eddie
Nick "The Rook" Hurrell 9:18 8-Nov-2008 Peterborough, ON
Peterborough Beer Mile Fall 2008
25 From Can Budweiser Impressive first mile.
Joshua Ilnicki 9:21 1-Jan-2016 Winchester, VA, United States
2016 Winchester Beer Mile
Nick L 11:56 18-Jan-2015 Nottingham, United Kingdom
From Bottle guiness
Nick Labao 16:08 23-Nov-2011
Silicon Valley Beer MIle 2011
Dominick Lacoste 9:11 3-Jul-2017 Durham, NH, United States
Dom's Beer Mile Challenge
34 From Bottle Harpoon Camp Wannamango
Nick Larade 7:40 15-Nov-2008 Fredericton, NB
Freddy Beach Beer Mile
23 From Can Alpine 1st Beer Mile
Nick Larade 9:25 7-Nov-2009 Fredericton, NB
Nick Larade 9:51 11-Nov-2010 Fredericton, NB
Freddy Beach Beer Mile
Nick Larsen 10:14 18-Jun-2013 Chicago, IL
Unofficial Tuesday Night Running Group Half Birthday Edition
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Started 1:50 late
Nick Lawson 8:01 26-May-2012 Tauranga, New Zealand
2012 New Zealand Beer Mile Champs
From Can VB Looks like the big rig has found his event
Nick Lawson 8:22 21-May-2016 Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
2016 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Got chicked
Nick Lawson 9:18 18-May-2013 Tauranga, New Zealand
2013 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
33 From Can VB Respectable display, poor costume effort
Nick Lawson 9:35 16-May-2015 Tauranga, New Zealand
2015 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Rolled the kids scooter because of a broken foot
Nick "Scrub" Lindstrom 10:47 22-Nov-2014 Grand Forks, ND
UND Firewater Run
21 From Can Budweiser Heavy PENALTY LAP
Nick Lipari 6:38 20-Nov-2011 Terre Haute, Indiana
2011 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Nick Lundbohm 8:29 4-Dec-1998 St. Peter, MN
5th Annual Gustavus Beer Mile
Nick Lyeth 7:09 13-Jan-2018 Saratoga Springs, NY, United States
Farewell Petty Invitational
26 From Can Labatt's Blue
Nick Lyne 8:28 26-Jun-2011 North Vancouver, Canada
5th Annual Matheson/Mayer Beer Mile
From Can Sleeman's Honey Brown
Nick Lyne 8:55 19-Dec-2013 North Vancouver, Canada
First Annual Mayer Tribute
40 From Can Bowen Island Deep 6 lagger
Nick Lyne 9:03 22-Dec-2010 North Vancouver, Canada
Matheson Mayer Christmas 2010
From Bottle Canterbury Dark
Nick MacFalls 7:39 1-Sep-2012 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
West Valley Winter Classic
Nick Melero 10:48 14-May-2013 New Orleans, LA
Impromptu Tchoupitoulas Barathon Practice
From Can Budweiser not bad for a freshman first-timer, although he got out-kicked by his compatriot
Nick Miller 18:02.72 17-Jan-2015 Great Lakes, IL
Winter Beer Mile
Adam "Naliz" Nalisnick 14:30 17-Aug-2013 Acworth, GA
The Great American Pecan Sandies Beer Mile
25 From Bottle Miller High Life Hell of a first time on the beer mile. Chugged beer like it was air.
Jannick Nelles 10:12 21-Jul-2017 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
2. Internationale Bad Neuenahr Biermeile
20 From Bottle Heineken
Nick "Just Nick" Nelson 11:37 31-Aug-2010 Corvallis, OR
Open to the Public Beermile
From Can Busch
Michael Plotnick 12:38 17-Mar-2018 Potomac, MD, USA
2018 MS Beer Mile
46 From Can Heineken
Michael Plotnick 14:32 25-Mar-2017 Potomac, MD
2017 MS Beer Mile
45 From Can Miller Lite
Nick Polito 7:41 27-Jul-2012 Dallas, TX
Inaugural Dallas Running Project Beer Mile
43 From Can Budweiser
Nick Scalfoni 7:27 5-Sep-2016 Bend, OR, United States
Labor Day Beer Mile
From Can Pub Beer
Nick Scarcelli 9:45 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Nick Stahl 12:28 17-Jun-2017 Harry Downs Track
Not Brighton Bangers Beer Mile
From Bottle Omission Pale Ale
Nick "Cuckoo 2" Tullos 8:59 10-Dec-2011 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 4
30 From Can miller Rookie attempt
Nick "The Big Vagina" Vitelli 27:18 23-Apr-2005 Charlotte, NC
First Annual Mike B-zzy Queens Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser
Nick Vokally 24:51.4 14-Nov-2015 Flatrock Speedway, Carlton, MI
2015 Michigan Beer Mile, Open Heat
Nick Walker 5:47 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
26 From Bottle Granville Island Winter Ale
Nick Walker 5:57 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
24 From Bottle Granville Island Winter Ale
Nick Walker 6:18 16-Dec-2008 Victoria, BC
5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
25 From Bottle Granville Island Winter Ale
Nick Walker 7:49 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
From Can Granville Island
Paul Warnick 9:41 12-Mar-2016 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Rockhampton BeerMile Championships
36 From Bottle Corona
Nick Wolynsky 17:26 22-Jul-2006 Sudbury, ON
Nickel City Beer Mile 2006
25 From Can Miller High Life Penalty Lap