Noah Bader

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #20
Official State of Connecticut Performance #23 #36 #43
Official State of North Dakota Performance #20
Official Performance Drinking Original 16 #1
Official Performance Drinking Summer Honey #9
Official Performance Drinking Miller Genuine Draft Gold #5 #6
Official Performance Drinking Jacks Abby Framingham Lager #1

20 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Noah 8:52 16-Apr-2016 Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Spring Classic Beer Mile
From Can Original 16
Noah "Medium " Andrew 8:41 24-Nov-2015 Northampton, MA, United States
NHS 2015 Coke Mile
From Can Coca-Cola An amazing PR from last year
Noah Bader 8:52 5-Jul-2019 Remscheid, Germany
1. DAR Biermeile
18 From Bottle Brinkhoff's No.1
Noah Bass 10:16 21-Aug-2013 Toronto, ON
GBP Beer Mile. Gulp. Bolt. Puke.
37 From Can Canadian won $5 for beating Uri
Noah Bass 11:32 13-Jun-2009 Toronto, ON
No Sense Beer Mile - June 2009
Noah Bass 11:49 28-Aug-2014 Toronto, ON
2nd Annual Summer P&G Beer Mile
From Can Canadian Won $5 and determined to take the #2 spot next year.
Noah "cassanova" Cass 7:13 2-Oct-2015 Enfield, CT, United States
Soapstone Beer Mile
31 winner
Noah "Dino" Eckhouse 19:20 11-Jul-2015 Sherborn MA
Endwar Beer Mile
48 From Bottle Jacks Abby Framingham Lager
Noah Hetrick 20:16 8-Aug-2019 Missoula, MT
2nd Annual onX Beer Mile
From Can Summer Honey
Noah Lansner 7:29 4-May-2000 Middletown, CT
Wesleyan Championships
Noah Lansner 7:41 29-Mar-1998 Middletown, CT
Wesleyan Double-Header Part I
Noah Lansner 7:58 11-Apr-1998 Middletown, CT
1998 Wesleyan Championships
20 From Can Miller Genuine Draft Gold
Noah Lansner 8:16.3 22-Nov-1997 Middletown, CT
1997 Wesleyan Winter Championships
19 From Can Budweiser barefoot, jr.
Noah Lansner 8:46 28-Feb-1998 Middletown, CT
J. Elmer Swanson Invite
20 From Can Miller Genuine Draft Gold
Noah Lansner DNF 3-Dec-1997 Middletown, CT
1st Annual Ben & Jerry's 4x4
19 Ice Cream 3 pints, 3 miles
Noah Myrent 10:50 3-Aug-2007 LaGrange, IL
OGRES Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser First Place
Just Noah 8:50 2-May-2015 Champaign, IL
Urbana-Champaign Hash House Harriers May 2015 Beer Mile
23 From Can Budweiser
Small Noah 12:10 18-Nov-2014 Northampton, Ma
NHS Coke Mile 2014
From Can Coca-Cola Freshman.
Noah "Milk Bag" O'Connel 7:30 18-Jul-2013 Revelstoke, BC
Revelstoke Wildfire Beer Mile
From Can Caribou
Noah "Wisconstain" Schiller 11:07 17-Nov-2017 Grand Forks, ND, United States
UND Firewater Run 2017
From Can Budweiser No he didn't throw up. A finish is a finish.