Pat S

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Female Grand Masters (50+) Performance #25
Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance #9
Official State of Florida Performance #14 #32
Official State of Illinois Performance #6
Official State of Maine Performance #4 #5
Official State of Missouri Performance #2 #3
Official State of Pennsylvania Performance #24
Official State of South Carolina Performance #31
Official State of Tennessee Performance #35
Official State of Texas Performance #38 #39
Official 2004 Performance #5
Official 2005 Performance #14
Official 2008 Performance #5
Official Performance Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon #3 #6 #7
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum #25
Official Performance Drinking PBR #26
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #19
Official Performance Drinking Hops & Grain Zoe #5
Official Performance Drinking Yuengling #20
Official Performance Drinking Red Racer Pils #4
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Pale Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Snow #13
Official Performance Drinking Malt Shed Athletes Ale #3
Official Performance Drinking PC Genuine Lager #1 #1
Official Performance Drinking Chafuncta Kingfish #3
Official Performance Drinking Red Stripe #2
Official Performance Drinking Samuel Adams Summer Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Anderson Valley Summer Solstice #1
Official Performance Drinking OK Spring Pale Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Big Wheel #1
Official Performance Drinking Billsons Pale Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Crusier #1
Official Performance Drinking FatTire #1

98 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Just Patrick 11:56 27-Sep-2013 Cambridge, MA
Undead Beer Mile
Just Patrick 14:12 26-Apr-2019 Treptower Park
7th Berlin Beer Mile
From Bottle Flensburger
KatSpat 19:48 15-Aug-2009 Bisbee, AZ
Unsponsored Beermile of Bisbee '09
Patsy "I can run" Ruigrok 11:00 14-Jun-2013 Cambridge Ontario
Cambridge Beer Mile 2013 - Part 1
Patrick Banks 8:53 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg 330ml
Patrick Beauchesne 21:27 10-Apr-2007 Ottawa, ON
2nd Annual Ottawa Classic
22 From Can Labbat's Blue
Patricius Cahanar 12:28 16-Sep-2017 Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Beer Mile 2017
From Bottle Heineken
Patrick Cassady 6:30.29 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Pat "Handsome" Cross 10:20 8-Nov-2008 Portland, OR
1st Annual Fernhill Beer Mile
59 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Looked good in the pictures
Pat "Handsome" Cross 11:15 21-Nov-2009 Portland, OR
2nd Annual Fernhill Beermile
60 From Can Budweiser Very solid M60 performance
Patterson Dave 16:13 28-Jun-2008 Nanaimo, BC
1st Annual Nanaimo Beer Mile
Patrick De Sousa 12:37 13-Sep-2002 Vancouver, BC
4th Annual Gemini Beer MIle
From Can OK Spring Pale Ale
Stu Fitzpatrick 11:36 25-Nov-2017 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Hazeldean Valley Beer Run
From Cup Hazeldean Brewing Co; Legends Brewery; Frontier Beer Co; New Brixton Brewery
Pat Fraser 8:25 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
19 From Can Budweiser
Patrick Hanson 6:26 3-Oct-2008 Columbia, MO
First Annual Missouri Beer Mile
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Patrick Hanson 6:46 19-Jun-2012 Columbia, MO
Pat Hanson is going to Hotlanta Beer Mile
From Can 1PBR, 1 Coors UNDEFEATED in MO!!
Patrick Hanson 6:47.03 27-Feb-2009 Columbia, MO
True/False Beer Mile
From Can FatTire
Patrick "Slow Pat" Hitchins 6:08.5 8-Nov-2014 Austin, TX
J&A's Beer Mile Qualifier
30 From Can Budweiser,
Patrick Hitchins 6:09.9 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Open Sub-Elite
30 From Can Hops & Grain Zoe
Patrick Johnson 23:00 3-Oct-2010 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Patrick "El Zen Master" Johnson 95:48 5-Dec-2010 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Winter Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pat Jones 10:35 1-Nov-2014 Chicago, IL
7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Patrick Jones 8:31 25-Oct-2008 Chicago, IL
Go Home Gary Beer Mile
From Can Bud Light
Patrick Jones 17:15 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Patsda "Patz" Liew 32:10 6-Feb-2016 Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
CFKuching Beer Mile 2016
From Can Snow
Patricia Lundsgaard 18:16.9 28-Sep-2014 Esbjerg, Denmark
Carsten Bojsen memorial 2014
22 From Can Royal Export 5,4 %
Pat "kapral killa" Menzies 6:40 21-Jun-2013 Toronto, ON
7th West Toronto Classic
From Bottle Big Wheel
Patrick "Duffman" Morris 9:16.605 17-Jan-2015 Great Lakes, IL
Winter Beer Mile
Patrick Morrison 9:10 4-Aug-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2015
44 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Heat 1
Patrick Morrison 9:31 23-Jun-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2016
45 From Can PBR Heat 2
Patrick Morrison 9:51 24-Aug-2017 New Orleans
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2017
46 From Can Yuengling heat 1
Patrick Morrison 9:52 29-Dec-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2016
From Bottle Chafuncta Kingfish heat 2
Patterson Nick 43:35 22-Nov-2007 Pensacola, Florida
Thanksgiving Beer Mile
23 From Can Bud Light
Patrick Olson 7:13.95 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Open Heat 2
Menzies "Kapral killa" Pat 7:31 15-Jun-2012
Michal's Big Birthday Beermile
42 From Can Canadian
Stephen Pater 13:33 1-Jan-2016 Winchester, VA, United States
2016 Winchester Beer Mile
Claytoris "Meat Sweats" Patercun 8:28.8 14-May-2014 Kingston, ON
Kingston Summer beer mile #2
25 From Can Labatt's Blue Fast finish to follow a sluggish early pace
Ben "Football" Paterson 6:14 13-Mar-2021 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Football Ben vs. Lil Ricker Showdown
26 From Bottle Molson Canadian 4 second PR, not that good at drinking or running so plenty of room to improve
Ben "Football Ben" Paterson 6:18 17-Oct-2020 Chicago, IL
Random Beermile Attempt
26 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum PR
Ben Paterson 6:34 26-Mar-2016 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2016 Manitoba Winter Beermile
21 From Bottle Granville Island Pale Ale Managed to win while 6 months pregnant. 20 second PB
Ben Paterson 7:06 20-Aug-2016 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2016 Manitoba Summer Beermile
22 From Bottle Granville Island lost a bet, did another Beermile immediately following this one, total time 24:40
Hamish Paterson 15:40 26-Nov-2017 Newtown Park - Wellington Zoo, Wellington, New Zealand
FCAC Beer Mile Episode 2: Farewell Newtown Park
29 From Bottle Sapporo
Klay "Meat sweats" Patersun 8:26 16-Nov-2013 Kingston, ON
Kingston Fall Beer Mile 2013
24 From Can PC Genuine Lager Also big PB wearing street clothes
Chris Patrick 7:49 13-Jun-2009 Columbus, GA
3rd Annual Columbus Beer Mile
25 From Can Coors
Jacci Patterson 10:37 26-Sep-2015 Oceanic Street, North Charleston, SC, United States
OSR Oktoberfest Holy City Beer Mile Championship
Jacci Patterson 10:39 15-Jul-2015 1593 Oceanic Street, Charleston, SC, United States
OSR Christmas in JULY Beer Mile to Nowhere
Justin "I'm not into guys but $5 is $5" Patterson 10:24 25-Jun-2011 Nashville, TN
2011 Nashville Beer Mile
27 From Can Caldera Amber Ale
Justin "Breakdown" Patterson 13:41 21-Jun-2009 Nashville, TN
2009 Nashville Beer Mile
25 From Bottle Budweiser
Leigh Patterson 14:24 9-May-2008 Fort Collins, CO
3rd Annual Fort Collins Beer Mile
Puked 3 times
Michael Patterson 7:22 18-Oct-2018 Holly Springs, NC
South Wake Beer Mile
42 From Cup CBC Manestay Kolsch
Mike Patterson 12:19 11-Dec-1998 North Bay, ON
North Bay Beer Mile
Mike Patterson 12:49 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
22 From Can Old Milwaukee God im getting old
Natalie Patterson 20:42 13-Jun-2008 Toronto, ON
3rd Annual West Toronto Classic
From Can Canadian
Natalie Patterson 20:56 13-Jun-2007 Toronto, ON
2nd Annual West Toronto Classic
Rick "The Game" Patterson 7:16 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
40 From Can Budweiser What can you say a PR is a PR. Patty is back!
Rick "The Game" Patterson 7:24 21-May-2005 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial Beer Mile
35 From Can Budweiser closed well
Rick "The Game" Patterson 7:44 29-Jul-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Cap'n Pic's Hoo-ahh Challenge
36 Budweiser it wasn't flashy but it got the job done
Rick "Game" Patterson 8:00 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
39 From Bottle Red Stripe mediocrity
Rick "My game is Back" Patterson 8:12 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
38 From Can Budweiser The godfather of jville beermile is back
Rick "Game" Patterson 8:40 26-May-2007 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 3rd Annual
37 From Can Budweiser got "girled" on last lap
Rick "I lost my game" Patterson 10:05 1-Dec-2007 Jacksonville, FL
FL Beermile Championships
36 From Can Budweiser On the comeback trail
Rick "Game" Patterson 14:34 19-May-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial
36 From Can Budweiser from 7:20 to this ?
Shane Patterson 7:49 16-May-2019 Pittsburgh, PA
PITT H3 Beer Mile Spring 2019
27 From Can Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
Shane Patterson 9:07 18-Oct-2018 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Pitt H3 Beer Mile Fall 2018
From Bottle Hofbrau Weisse
Jeff Pattinson 14:40 5-Jul-2019 Dundas Ontario Canada
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
58 From Can Okanagen Springs Sleeper entry and burst onto the HDRC Dundas Beer Mile scene with a splash! He won't be an unknown in 2020.
Steve Patton 8:26 30-Oct-2007 Madison, WI
2nd Annual Halloween Beer Mile
40 From Can O'Douls (NA) Winner of the NA competition
Steve Patton 9:33 28-Oct-2006 Madison, WI
1st Annual Halloween Beer Mile
From Can Non Alcoholic
Steve Patton 11:36 1-Nov-2009 Madison, WI
4th Annual Halloween Beer Mile
42 From Can O'Douls
Patrick "Pat" Robinson 11:50 30-Dec-2018 Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
2018 Malt Shed Wangaratta Beer Mile
32 From Bottle Malt Shed Athletes Ale NON conforming beer (330ml/5.0%)
Patrick "Pat" Robinson 15:51 28-Dec-2019 Wangaratta, VIC
2020 Wangaratta Beer Mile
From Bottle Sapporo
Patrick "Robstar" Robinson 15:52 28-Dec-2019 Wareena Park, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
2019 Wangaratta Beer Mile
33 From Can Billsons Pale Ale
Patsy "Shouten Out" Ruigrok 12:00 1-Jan-2013 Cambridge Ontario
Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2
48 From Can Budweiser
Patsy "Sweet Legs" Ruigrok 12:50 2-Aug-2010 Cambridge Ontario
1st Annual Cambridge Beermile
29 From Can Canadian 29 with a few years training ;)
Patsy "Sweet Legs" Ruigrok 13:07 26-Aug-2017 Cambridge, ON, Canada
Cambridge Beer Mile 2017
52 From Can Budweiser Sweet Legs
Pat S 7:30 20-Mar-2010 Winnipeg, MB
2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Kokanee
Patrick S. 18:22 22-Aug-2008 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba 2008 Summer Beermile
From Can Coors Light
Patrick Salee 9:52 21-Nov-2010 Terre Haute, Indiana
2010 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Patrick Sarver 5:44.44 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Pat "Just Pat" Schamberger 15:44 17-Nov-2007 Seattle, WA
Seattle HHH First Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon (with penalty lap)
Pat "Just Pat" Shoff 8:35 29-Dec-2006 St Louis, MO
St. Louis 2006 Beer Mile
44 From Can Budweiser
Pat "Paddy" Smith 6:59 20-Apr-2012 St. Leonards, Australia
Australian Beer Mile showdown
21 From Bottle Crusier first time, first 409m in 66
Pat Smith 12:47 30-Mar-2013 Launceston, Australia
2013 Tasmanian Beer Mile championships
22 From Bottle coopers 62 official
Patrick "Gingernuts" Smith 5:59 27-Jan-2019 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington VIC 3931, Australia
Big Dog Invititations
26 From Bottle VB
Louis-Patrick "Gaspesie" St-Pierre 21:03 5-Sep-2010 Quebec, PQ
Ste-Foy Beermile 2010
17 From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap...Puked a lot
Pat Stewart 8:00 26-Jul-2019 Calgary
2019 YYC Beer Mile
From Cup Red Racer Pils
Patrick Stewart 7:52.1 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
27 From Can Miller High Life 1st race of day
Patrick Stewart 8:22 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
27 From Can Miller High Life 2nd race of day on hour later
Pat Stoeffel 17:27 7-May-2016 Rippowam Middle School
Stamford Beer Mile
29 From Can Budweiser
Patrick Store 11:41 10-Apr-2007 Ottawa, ON
2nd Annual Ottawa Classic
21 From Can Canadian
Patrick Stratton 9:51 13-Apr-2007 Edmonton, AB
1st Annual University of Alberta Beer Mile
Pat Sullivan 6:52 5-Apr-2007 Mahwah, NJ
Ramapo College Beer Mile Championship
19 From Can Miller High Life
Pat "The Religious Guy" Sullivan 7:56 12-Mar-2007 Mahwah, NJ
Ramapo College Spring Break Invite
19 From Can Miller High Life Light No Penalty Lap
Patrick Sweeney 6:99.999 18-Nov-2011 Redondo Beach, CA
Patrick Sweeney
32 From Bottle Stone Pale Ale
Patrick Thomas 30:24 21-Jun-2020 Auburn, NY
Pulsars Father's Day Beer Mile 2020
41 From Bottle Samuel Adams Summer Ale Debut, Penalty
Pat "Ira" Wales-Dinan 9:42 7-Jul-2007 Tolland, CT
Beer Mile Summer Spectacular 777
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Patti Walsh 16:01 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
From Can Canadian
Patty "Mrs. Welker" Walshaw 39:58 9-Jul-2017 10761 Charnock Road, Los Angeles, CA, United States
First Ever Team Magician Shiny Fun-Raising Challenge
38 From Can Budweiser meow
Patrycia Wlostowska 12:03 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR