Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #239
Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #19
Official State of Alaska Performance #17
Official State of Florida Performance #17
Official State of North Carolina Performance #19
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #2
Official Performance Drinking Stroh's #16
Official Performance Drinking Alexander Keith's #3
Official Performance Drinking Mickeys Big Mouth #6

36 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Reid 9:52 2-Apr-2017 Kodiak, AK, United States
The 2nd Annual Kodiak Beer Mile
30 From Can Budweiser
Reid "HoodoKoff" 10:17 19-Mar-2016 Kodiak, AK, United States
The 1st Annual Kodiak Beer Mile
25 From Can Budweiser
Reid 12:48 26-Apr-2005 Steamboat Springs, CO
Full Moon Mile
22 From Can Keystone 7 minute improvement, disgusted everyone with jockstrap
Reid B 8:20.96 8-Apr-2017 Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Second Annual Spring Classic Beer Mile
From Bottle Alexander Keith's Always ready to party, especially after running a 40 second PB.
Reid B 8:46 16-Apr-2016 Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Spring Classic Beer Mile
From Can Alexander Keith's Impressive final lap. Finished with a strong kick.
Reid Black 10:30 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
20 From Can Old Milwaukee Captain of the 'B' Squad
Reid Black 11:32 16-Oct-2002 London, ON
The First Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
19 From Can Stroh's I need a haircut
Justin "bringin Steam" Breidenstein 6:50 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
33 From Can Coors Great 2nd place finish. Big PR
Justin "Bringin Steam" Breidenstein 7:27 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
32 From Can Budweiser dropped a steamer on some fools
Matt Breidenstein 15:28 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
25 From Can Budweiser Hey who is that Justin guy?
Biniok Freidrich 5:55.4 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg 330ml
Reid N 8:32.7 15-Nov-2012 Winston-Salem, NC
Thanksgiving Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser May have been his first mile run in the last year, impressive showing considering
Reid N 8:32.8 15-Nov-2012 Wake Forest University
Wake Forest Thanksgiving Beer Mile
19 From Can Budweiser
Darren Reid 12:06 30-Mar-2013 Launceston, Australia
2013 Tasmanian Beer Mile championships
23 From Bottle boags xxx
Ian Reid 11:21 8-Aug-1998 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic X
Joel Reid 9:03 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Joel Reid 11:22 15-Nov-1996 Kingston, ON
Queen's / UWO Virtual Beer Mile
Joel Reid 12:44 15-Nov-1997 Kingston, ON
2nd Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
Joel Reid 12:52 27-Nov-1999 Kingston, ON
Fourth Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
Joel Reid 13:15 29-Mar-1996 Kingston, ON
1996 Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Josh Reid 15:25 9-Apr-2004 Winnipeg, MB
2nd Annual Manitoba Beer Miling Championships
Mark Reid 7:57 27-Jul-2017 Overton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Overton Harriers Beer Mile 2017
47 From Bottle Peroni
Mark "Osama" Reid 8:30 28-May-2011 Tauranga, New Zealand
New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Epic result out of retirement
Mark Reid 8:46 5-Jun-2010 Tauranga, New Zealand
Tauranga Domain Beer Mile
From Can VB Flying effort
Matt Reid 13:15 26-Aug-2004 Ottawa, ON
Inaugural Gloucester Beer Mile
23 From Can Canadian
Max "Power" Reid 13:57 19-Jul-2003 Vienna, VA
SLR Summer BBQ Beer Mile
Mickeys Big Mouth
Scott "Uncle" Reid 10:48 26-Jun-2010 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2010
25 From Can Budweiser Barfed 6 times after crossing the finish line
Scott "Uncle" Reid 11:53 23-May-2009 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2009
24 From Can Budweiser Amazing party time shirt and bailed big time
Scott "Uncle" Reid 13:42 14-Aug-2011 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2011
26 From Can Molson Canadian This guy sucks, rocked a couple barfs after finishing
Tyler Reid 21:42 15-Nov-1997 Thunder Bay, ON
Brown Bottled Pop Mile
Tyler Reid 23:45 2-Nov-1996 Thunder Bay, ON
2nd Annual Lakehead University Beer Mile
William Reid 6:40 6-May-2010 Clinton, NY
Hamilton College v. St. Lawrence University
21 From Can Keystone Light HAM
Sean "Rocky" Reidy 9:54.1 26-Sep-2013 Peterborough Athletics Arena / Embankment Track
The Nene Chunder Mile
32 From Cup Abbot Ale Dissappointment
Reid "Colorado" Smith 13:00 13-Sep-2008 Winnipeg, MB
2008 Rudolph Bay Beer-Mile
19 From Bottle Heinakin Rookie. Lots of dry heaves.
Reid "Colorado" Smith 19:43.8 13-Aug-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Rudolph Bay Beer-Mile
22 From Can Budweiser Worked out and ran 6 days a get 4th....
Reid "Colorado" Smith 24:28 8-Aug-2009 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Rudolph Bay Beer-Mile
20 From Can Bud Lite Lime Chose lite beer. Drank 5 of them.