Robin Schembera

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #266
All-time Official Female Performance #13 #27 #34 #42
Official Grand Masters (50+) Performance #11
Official Province of Alberta, Canada Performance #17
Official State of Louisiana Performance #25
Official State of Massachusetts Performance #28
Official 1997 Performance #16
Official 2001 Performance #9
Official Female Masters (30+) Performance #12
Official Performance Drinking Heineken 5% 0.33l #2
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #4
Official Performance Drinking Miller #19
Official Performance Drinking Goose Island IPA #3
Official Performance Drinking Malt Shed Athletes Ale #3
Official Performance Drinking Hops & Grain Alteration #1
Official Performance Drinking Abita Jockimo #1
Official Performance Drinking Billsons Pale Ale #1

69 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Robin "Boy Wonder" 6:12 18-Jun-2016 Calgary, AB, Canada
Beer Mile Heroes - Soda Mile World Record Attempt
27 From Bottle Pepsi WR
Robin 10:28 13-Feb-2010 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser
Robin Anthonipilai 10:03 21-Jul-2017 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
2. Internationale Bad Neuenahr Biermeile
20 From Bottle Heineken
Robin Anthonipilai 11:59 27-Dec-2019 Montabaur
Winter Biermeile Montabaur
22 From Bottle Heineken
Robin Anthonipilai 21:12 13-Jul-2018 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
3. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
21 From Bottle Heineken
Robin Anthonipillai 8:35 22-Jun-2018 Diez, Germany
2. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
21 From Bottle Heineken
Robin Beynon 12:30 26-Jul-1997 Vancouver, BC
William Paul Riley Stag Night Beer Mile
Robin Beynon 13:05 4-Jun-1999 Vancouver, BC
Sean Clancy Stag Night Beer Mile
Robin Boyd 21:00 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
40 From Can Stella Artois
Robin Eckert 6:11.9 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg 330ml
Robin G 12:56 2-Nov-2019 Tampa
2019 Tampa Beer Mile (9th Annual) and 1st Wine Mile
From Cup La Vieille Ferme Wine Mile (5 0z)
Robin G 25:22 1-Dec-2018 Tampa
2018 Tampa Florida Beer Mile (8th Annual)
From Can Natural Ice
Robin Harris 8:17 6-Jul-2019 Battersea Park, London
Clapham Chasers Beer Mile
52 From Can Brooklyn Summer Ale Official Age Group (50+, 5%, 355ml) National Record I think?
Robin Johansson 7:35 8-Jun-2019 Borås, Sweden
Borås Beermile
From Can DEB
Robin Kaluzniak 7:51 28-Apr-2017 Edmonton, AB, Canada
Edmonton Beermile 2017
From Bottle Miller
Robin Kaluzniak 8:32 22-Apr-2016 Edmonton, AB, Canada
Edmonton Beer Mile 2016
From Bottle Sleeman
Robin Kaluzniak 10:05 4-May-2018 Edmonton
Edmonton BeerMile 2018
23 From Bottle Miller
Robin Kaluzniak 10:46.6 9-May-2015 Edmonton, AB
Edmonton 2015 BGrav
From Bottle Sleeman Vomit
Robin Kammer 12:50 22-Aug-2015 Crystal Harbour, Cayman Islands
Inaugural Cayman Beer Mile 22/08/15
Caybrew 3 laps
Robin Klimach 12:45 1-Apr-2001 Hollywood, CA
Beverly Hills Open I
24 From Can Budweiser
Robin "DNF" Leandersson 7:28.4 27-Sep-2008 Sollentuna, Sweden
Beermile 2008
20 From Can heineken
Robin Limoges 11:42.8 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 1
From Can Slingshot
Robin Martz 9:58 20-Mar-2021 Kigali, Rwanda
Rwanda International Beer Mile
50 From Can BROK
Robin Martz 10:19 11-Nov-2020 Kigali, Rwanda
Mutzig Mile
50 From Bottle Mutzig
Robin McCoy 7:36 16-Dec-2019 Chelmsford
Pre Xmas Beer Mile Invitational 2019
From Can Goose Island IPA
Robin McCoy 7:36 16-Dec-2019 Chelmsford
Pre Xmas Beer Mile Invitational 2019
From Can Goose Island IPA
Amelie Meyer-Robinson 17:59 30-Jul-2016 Los Angeles, CA, United States
6th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
27 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Robin Mitchell 12:51 16-Sep-2017 Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand
Southland Beer Mile Championships 2017
41 From Bottle DB
Robin Parker 17:13 15-Jul-2020 Edmonton
2020 Allard Beer Mile Invitational
From Can Kokanee
Just Robin 14:49 29-Sep-2018 Praterstern, Vienna, Austria
Vienna's 5th Beer Mile
From Can Goesser Nautical 16:58. Actually beat his gf this time
Mindy Robin 20:06 1-Jan-2015 Denver, CO
Mile High Beer Mile
Stephania Robino 10:57 8-Dec-2012 Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. Took her two minutes the night before to drink a single can, so top marks for effort.
Alec Robinson 8:41.7 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Open Heat 1
42 From Can Hops & Grain Zoe
Binnie Robinson 13:31 12-Sep-2014 Brooklyn, NY
McCarren Park Beer Mile 3
From Can Budweiser PERSONAL BEST!
Binnie "Binnie" Robinson DNF 8-Jun-2013 Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn BEER MILE 1: Spring '13
From Can Budweiser
Brian Robinson 9:08 2-Jun-2013 Huntsville, AL
Rocket City Beer Mile Invitational
37 From Can Straight to Ale Monkeynaught
Che Robinson 9:22.8 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Open Heat 2
Corey Robinson 7:03 12-Nov-2017 Charlestown, Boston, MA, United States
2017 Charlestown Classic
28 From Bottle Budweiser
Craig Robinson 6:11 1-Sep-2012 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
West Valley Winter Classic
Hana "Froggerz" Robinson 28:58 27-Sep-2018 Discovery Track
9th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
24 From Can Blue Buck Women's Champ!
Hannah Robinson 29:13 31-May-2019 West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States
West Bloomfield Beer Mile 2019 (Spring)
32 From Bottle Atwater - First Brown
Isaiah Robinson 5:10 12-Jun-2016 Hinsdale Central High School
NVHC Summer Milk Mile 2016
From Cup Chocolate milk
Kai Robinson 27:57 31-May-2019 West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States
West Bloomfield Beer Mile 2019 (Spring)
Keith Robinson 7:17 1-Aug-2019 New Orleans, LA
Louisiana State Championship Beer Mile
50 From Can Abita Jockimo
Patrick "Pat" Robinson 11:50 30-Dec-2018 Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
2018 Malt Shed Wangaratta Beer Mile
32 From Bottle Malt Shed Athletes Ale NON conforming beer (330ml/5.0%)
Patrick "Pat" Robinson 15:51 28-Dec-2019 Wangaratta, VIC
2020 Wangaratta Beer Mile
From Bottle Sapporo
Patrick "Robstar" Robinson 15:52 28-Dec-2019 Wareena Park, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
2019 Wangaratta Beer Mile
33 From Can Billsons Pale Ale
Scott Robinson 14:53 26-Jan-2014 Brisbane Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championships 2014
27 From Bottle Boags
Seanna Robinson 6:42 23-Aug-1997 Hamilton, ON
Seanna Robinson 6:52 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Seanna Robinson 6:56 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Seanna Robinson 7:09 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Women's Elite
39 From Can Hops & Grain Alteration
Seanna Robinson 7:14 21-Aug-2015 Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, USA
Beer Mile World Classic Women 2015
Steve Robinson 7:14 9-Sep-2000 Newport Beach, CA
Innaugural Orange County Beer Mile
Steve Robinson 10:30 12-May-2001 Irvine, CA
Orange County Beer Mile #3
Steve Robinson 15:56 11-Jun-2005 Irvine, CA
2005 Orange County, CA Beer Mile Championships
From Can Heineken
Steven "Return of the Champion" Robinson 7:30.9 5-Sep-2005 Irvine, CA
The OC Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Steven Robinson 7:46 9-Dec-2000 Irvine, CA
Orange County Beer Mile #2
Tarah Robinson 12:13 4-Jul-2019 Tennessee Ave Martinsburg, WV
1st Annual Tenn Ave Backyard Beer Mile
34 From Can Budweiser
Robin Saggers 11:23 8-Sep-2018 Johannesburg, South Africa
6th All Africa Beermile
From Bottle Heineken
robin Samolinski 25:10 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
33 From Can Great Raft
Robin Schembera 5:58.7 30-Aug-2014 Cologne/Germany
Beermile Cologne
From Bottle Heineken 5% 0.33l
Robin Schembera 6:30 19-Sep-2015 Leverkusen, Deutschland
First German Beermile
From Bottle Heineken
Robin Schembera 6:59.5 9-Sep-2017 Leverkusen, Deutschland
3rd German Beermile Championships 2017
From Bottle Heineken 5% 0.33l
Robin "Robin" Siaw 27:04 6-Feb-2016 Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
CFKuching Beer Mile 2016
From Can Tiger
Robin Stead 7:08 20-Feb-2021 Brightwater Oval
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2020
Corona Nice sprint finish at the end to claim 3rd
Robin "Can't Come" Stephenson 18:45 3-Oct-2008 Ann Arbor, MI
Motown/Ann Arbor H3 Fall Classic Beer Mile
45 From Can Miller High Life Lite
Robin USA 22:05 24-Mar-2018 Prater Hauptallee, Vienna, Austria
Vindobona H3 Beer Mile
From Can Ottakringer 5.2% 500ml Lost to his GF after she cleaned shop out of small beers. First (and by far oldest) of the young crowd
Robin Watson 8:43 15-May-2020 Vancouver BC
Virtual Vancouver Beer Mile