Ron Lariviere

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Super Grand Hash Masters (69+) Performance #6
Official Performance Drinking Amsterdam Blonde #24
Official Performance Drinking Steam Whistle #2
Official Performance Drinking Mirror Pond Pale Ale #2
Official Performance Drinking Phillips Glitter Bomb Hazy IPA #1
Official Performance Drinking Hoptical Illusion #1
Official Performance Drinking Flying Monkey Hoptical Illusion #1

8 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Ron "Wise 'n Retired Ron" Lariviere 11:10 20-Jun-2015 Dundas, ON, Canada
Dundas Beer Mile III; The Trilogy
65 From Bottle Hoptical Illusion Masterful performance, on the heels of a mountain marathon on his 65th birthday.
Ron Lariviere 12:20 28-Dec-2014 Dundas, ON, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2014
64 From Can Steamwhistle
Ron "don't put me in a home" Lariviere 13:15 27-Dec-2015 Canmore, AB, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2015
65 From Bottle Mirror Pond Pale Ale Ron swears the bottles were so cold they froze to his lips
Ron "Wise-Ron" Lariviere 13:22 14-Jun-2013 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Ontario Beer Mile!
From Can Steam Whistle Was very emotional when he heard of his son's fine showing.
Ron "Gramps " Lariviere 15:23 27-Dec-2019 Cordova Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2019
69 From Can Phillips Glitter Bomb Hazy IPA Happy just to make the podium
Ron "Growler" Lariviere 16:40 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
67 From Bottle Flying Monkey Hoptical Illusion Wasn't feeling it this year, emotionally or physically, so said, 'F-it!' and went with a big-hop beer! Props for the hops!
Ron "Beer Whisperer" lariviere 17:05 29-Dec-2016 Dundas, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2016
66 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde A personal worst performance
Ron "Growler" Lariviere (R) 10:22 29-Jul-2016 DUNDAS ON
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile 4; The 1st Olympiad
66 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde PB'd and bettered last year's race by almost a minute!