Sal R

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Performance #19
Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #36
Official State of New York Performance #18
Official 1995 Performance #15
Official 2000 Performance #16
Official Performance Drinking Blue Moon #16
Official Performance Drinking Tecate #9
Official Performance Drinking Beer #4
Official Performance Drinking Big Rock Grasshopper #11
Official Performance Drinking Red Horse #2 #4
Official Performance Drinking Bighead GF #1
Official Performance Drinking Riley's California Mile Stout #1

46 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Heather Rosales 19:00 3-Feb-2008 Santa Rosa, CA
1st Annual Sonoma County Beer Mile
42 From Can Tecate
Salim's Bro 12:37 31-Mar-2005 Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver, BC
21 From Can Budweiser
James Aldridge 13:20 19-Apr-1997 Edmonton, AB
Scona Boys Match Race
James Aldridge 14:56 8-Aug-2002 Victoria, BC
Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
30 From Can Big Rock Grasshopper Penalty Lap assessed
James Aldridge 16:11 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Wes Alexander 18:10 21-Nov-2009 Chicago, IL
Chicagoland Beer Mile V
From Can Budweiser
Chris Algar 9:31 10-Apr-2004 Sackville, NS
Dal Beer Mile Champs
Thomas "Launchpad" Alimberti 19:47 2-Oct-2015 Enfield, CT, United States
Soapstone Beer Mile
33 Sweet short shorts
Caris Allen 7:22 7-Sep-2018 Tompkins Park, Melville WA, Australia
The 4th Zaxon Beer Mile Cup
From Bottle Beer
Caris "King Caris" Allen 7:28 22-Sep-2017 Tompkins Park, Applecross, Western Australia
Zaxon Cup II
28 From Bottle Bighead GF
Chris Allington 17:26 8-Aug-1998 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic X
Moises Alvarez 13:20 1-Jul-2007 Oxnard, CA
Oxnard Beer Mile
22 From Can Coors Light penalty lap
Moises Alvarez 13:47 29-Jun-2008 Oxnard, CA
2nd Annual Oxnard Beer Mile
23 From Can budweiser vomitted on final beer
Carlos Alves Jr 13:50 9-Oct-2016 São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Beer Mile Brazil
From Can De Bull
Sally Carpenter 13:17 6-Sep-1996 Halifax, NS
1st Dalhousie Beer Mile
Sir Cumsalot 22:39 21-Apr-2012 Albuquerque, NM
ABQH3 4/20 Beer Mile
From Bottle Black Butte Porter Real Man
Rosalie Franek 10:05.75 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Salvador "Buddy" Guino-o 12:54.24 13-Dec-2013 Pozorrubio, Philippines
1st PRC (Pozorrubio Runner's Club) Beer Mile Run
From Can Red Horse
Salvador "Buddy" Guino-o 15:21 10-Dec-2016 Pozorrubio, Ilocos Region, Philippines
2nd Pozorrubio Runner's Club Beer Mile Challenge
42 From Can Red Horse
Melissa Lenerz 10:04 7-Aug-2019 Koblenz
3. Race Rheinland Beermile Weltcup 2019
25 From Bottle Heineken
Melissa Lippert 15:28 13-Aug-2014 Toronto, a track near to Yonge/Lawrence
Toronto Classico Beermile 2014
From Can Coors Banquet Penalty lap
Besa Litwora 14:00 29-Nov-2014 Chicago
10th Annual Chicago Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Elisa Litwora 8:47 29-Nov-2014 Chicago
10th Annual Chicago Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Genie Pearsall 28:36 22-Jul-2006 Sudbury, ON
Nickel City Beer Mile 2006
Sal "Meg" Perdomo 7:50 1-Aug-2018 Albuquerque, New Mexico
3rd Annual Dukes TC Beer Mile
From Can Heineken
Sal "Richard Seaman" R 8:22 4-Feb-2018 Madera - Near Town and County Park
Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers 5th anal beermile and stupid bowl hash
53 From Bottle Riley's California Mile Stout Virgin. Stout!?!?! Was tied with One Eye till beer four.
Brad Sala 11:27.9 19-Oct-2019 George Knott Reserve, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
International Beer Mile 2019
From Bottle Sapporo
Siezure Salad 12:04 15-Aug-2008 Magazine St Beach, Cambridge, MA
Cumbridge Hash #13: 1st Analversary Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Lorena Salas 9:55 13-Dec-2015 Mexico City, Mexico
Beer Mile Mexico City
From Bottle Tecate
Victor Salas 11:12 4-Jan-2015 Hillsboro, OR
OBMA Practice Beer Mile
46 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Victor Salas 25:24 21-Feb-2015 Hillsboro, OR
OBMA Beer Mile - Victor's birthday!
44 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Victor Salas DNF 10-Jan-2015 Hillsboro, OR
OBMA Beer Mile
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Austin "The Mexican" Salazar 6:34 14-Nov-2015 Conway, AR, United States
2. International Drunk XC Olympics
20 From Bottle Modelo
Ernest Salcedo 12:03 17-Aug-2013 North Burnaby, BC, Canada
4th Annual North Burnaby Beer Miler
Frenny Saldana 8:30 22-Jun-2014 South Pasadena, CA
Beer Mile
From Bottle Blue Moon
Patrick Salee 9:52 21-Nov-2010 Terre Haute, Indiana
2010 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Jon Salerno 6:52 11-May-2000 Rochester, NY
2000 Rochester Beer Mile
Anri Salim 29:23 9-Oct-2015 McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Potch 2015 Beer Mile
29 From Bottle Erdinger
Brian Salin 6:50 8-Oct-2007 Huntsville, TX
SHSU Chocolate Milk Mile
19 From Cup chocolate milk
Chad Salisbury 13:00 1-Dec-2000 Saskatoon, SK
Winter Invitational Beer Mile
Marcelo Salmun 9:53 8-May-2008 Berkeley, CA
Haas goes to the Bearmile
From Can Budweiser
Shae Salovaara 9:24 4-Nov-1995 Thunder Bay, ON
1st Annual Lakehead University Beer Mile
Darren "D Salt" Salt 12:38 19-Feb-2011 Cambridge Park, Australia
Birthday Beer Mile
24 From Bottle Crown Lager
Puck Saltair 9:09 18-Jun-2015 New York, NY
2015 Spring NYC Beer Mile Championship
John Salvadore 12:00 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Salas Victor 29:42 21-Mar-2015 Hillsboro, OR
Dan & John's Birthday Mile
44 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum