Scott Weispfennig

Notable Beer Miling Performances

5 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Weispfennig "Scott 2 Hot" Scott 10:41 21-Jan-2006 Mankato, MN
1st Freeze Your Nuts MSU Winter Championship
20 From Can Milwaukee's Best Ice Puked on 3rd lap, and killed the pentalty lap
Scott "Canadian Whore Lover" Weispfennig 8:32 16-May-2006 North Branch, MN
North Branch Mini Beer Run
20 From Can Miller High Life After a strong start, Scott enjoyed his beer a little too much but held strong with a new PR
Scott "W" Weispfennig 10:01.31 18-May-2008 Brookings, SD
Spring 2008 South Dakota Beer Mile Championships
23 From Can Miller High Life seasoned veteran off his game today
Scott "2 Hot" Weispfennig 10:14 14-Dec-2007 Mankato, MN
Beerlympics III
22 From Can Michelob Light The beer proved to be to cold for Scott as he crossed the finish line well shy of his PR
Scott "2 Hot" Weispfennig 12:31 13-Dec-2006 Mankato, MN
2nd annual MSU Winter Championship
21 From Can Miller High Life Took the second lap hard and let it all come out, yet finished the penalty lap with style