Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #268
Official Province of Ontario, Canada Performance #42
Official 1997 Performance #8
Official Performance Drinking carlton draught #28
Official Performance Drinking Castle #1
Official Performance Drinking Persephone Golden ale #1

17 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Shaun 18:52 1-Jun-2014 Sydney, Australia
Sydney High Inaugural Beer Bile #1
Shauna 28:46 26-May-2010 Denver, CO
Denver Metro Beermile Club Spring 2010
From Can Coors Light
shauna connaughton 18:17 3-Dec-2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada
3rd Annual Fraser Street Run Club Beer Mile
31 From Can Persephone Golden ale
Shaun Fryer 10:25 8-Apr-1998 Windsor, ON
Inaugural Windsor Beer Mile
Shaun Hardy 16:51 9-Dec-2017 Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia
Nick’s Run Club beer mile #2
Shaun Lavell 6:11 23-Aug-1997 Hamilton, ON
Shaun Moore 7:02.3 19-Oct-2019 George Knott Reserve, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
International Beer Mile 2019
30 From Bottle Molson Canadian
Shaun Oosthuizen 7:52 16-Jan-2016 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
6th Overkruin Beer Mile
25 From Can Castle 5% alcohol
Shaun Pagan 10:47 1-Oct-2016 Johannesburg South Africa
Will run for Beer
Shaun Pande 17:36.95 22-Mar-2014 South Brunswick, NJ
140 George 1st Annual
22 From Can Budweiser Vomit (post)
Shaun Pretorius 21:37 26-May-2018 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Beer Mile & Night Market May 2018
From Cup Hazeldean Brewing, Legends Brewery, Bernies Brewery, Leaky Tap Brewery
Shaun "Bareback" Ryder 14:49 25-Apr-2007 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
2nd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships
25 From Bottle Carlton Draught Riding bareback has its downfalls, as he struggled most of the way through this one.
Smith Shauna 56:51.4 22-Nov-2007 Pensacola, Florida
Thanksgiving Beer Mile
21 From Can Bud Light
Matt "Shags" Shaunghessy 6:53 1-Jan-2005 San Diego, CA
Otis SAJAC Memorial DMR
18 From Can Coors
Shaun Slator 9:28 7-Jun-2007 Nottingham, United Kingdom
NUAC Chunder Mile 2007
Shaun Tan 43:44 9-Jul-2016 Bishan Park, Singapore
1.6km HSC Fun Run 2016
34 From Can Tiger Only 3 cans
Shaun Wallace 20:58 26-Jan-2014 Brisbane Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championships 2014
24 From Bottle Boags