Stephanie Mallory

Notable Beer Miling Performances

4 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Stephanie Mallory 11:51 10-Jan-2015 Pretoria, South Africa
5th Overkruin Beer mile
28 From Bottle Hunters 5.5% alcohol, ladies beermile (3 beers)
Stephanie Mallory 13:16 19-Jan-2013 Pretoria, South Africa
3rd Overkruin Beer mile
From Bottle Brutal Fruit 275ml , 4.5% alcohol
Stephanie Mallory 14:07 18-Jan-2014 Pretoria, South Africa
4th Overkruin Beer mile
27 From Bottle Brutal Fruit 275ml, 4.5% alcohol
Stephanie Mallory 18:52 8-Jan-2011 Pretoria, South Africa
The End of Year Overkruin Beermile
From Bottle Hunter's Dry 5.5% Alcohol