T Albert

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #290
Official Province of Quebec, Canada Performance #7
Official State of Texas Performance #35
Official Performance Drinking Erdinger #28
Official Performance Drinking Hops & Grain Zoe #4
Official Performance Drinking Broadhead #6
Official Performance Drinking Alberta's Best #1

19 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Arjun Albert 8:00 31-Oct-2015 Newton, MA, United States
NSXC Chocolate Milk Mile
17 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Frédéric Albert 8:01 16-Aug-2018 Vieux-Limoilou, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2018
From Can Budweiser
Frédéric Albert 8:42 6-Sep-2019 Vieux-Limoilou
Limoilou Beer Mile 2019
Joe Albert 14:30 17-Jun-2015 The Ark, Denholm, QC
Mad Trapper Trail Beer Mile
From Can Broadhead Almost hurled... but didn't!
T "Beer Mile Bandit" Albert 11:12 23-Oct-2015 Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, United States
1st Annual IntervALE Beer Mile
43 From Can Budweiser
Carlos Alberto P. Jr 12:35 9-Oct-2016 São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Beer Mile Brazil
From Can De Bull
Reece Alberts 10:21 9-Oct-2015 McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Potch 2015 Beer Mile
35 From Bottle Erdinger
Alberto Ballon 12:14.53 16-Jan-2011 Irvine, CA
The Foamy Frome
From Bottle Heineken
George Albert William "Georgie" Chapman 10:12 9-Jul-2016 Sibu Sarawak Malaysia
Xtra Time Beer Mile
45 From Bottle Heineken
Felix "SSF Back-Door" Gagnon-Jalbert 15:06 30-Sep-2006 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-Country USherbrooke
24 From Can Alberta's Best Enjoyed a nice cigarette before running the mile.
Martin Jalbert 18:41 16-Aug-2018 Vieux-Limoilou, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2018
From Can Budweiser
Albert Minczér 8:02 7-Aug-2013 Hungary, Veszprem
Beer Mile Veszprém 2013
From Can Heineken
Albert "Albi" Minczér 9:16.8 7-Jun-2015 Hungary, Veszprem
V. Veszprem sörmérföld (Beer Mile)
28 From Can Heineken
Albert Mollen 6:06.2 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Open Sub-Elite
30 From Can Hops & Grain Zoe
Albert Mouton 16:50 18-Jan-2014 Pretoria, South Africa
4th Overkruin Beer mile
21 From Can Amstel 5% alcohol
Alberto Picard 7:39 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Alberto Picard-Ami 15:30 25-Oct-2013 Toronto, ON
Skule(TM) Rugby Beer Mile
Albert Vaněček 21:06 3-Jul-2020 Pilsen, Czech Republic
Beer Mile Pilsen 2020
From Bottle Heineken CZE / Beer Mile Club Pilsen
Kat Walbert 10:26 26-May-2012 Tauranga, New Zealand
2012 New Zealand Beer Mile Champs
From Can VB NZ Champ on debut for the RATS bossy bitch