Tim W

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Maine Performance #40
Official State of Montana Performance #15
Official State of South Dakota Performance #4
Official State of Wisconsin Performance #17 #31 #37 #40
Official Performance Drinking VB #26
Official Performance Drinking Natural Ice #14
Official Performance Drinking Lucky #5
Official Performance Drinking Icehouse #9 #13
Official Performance Drinking MGD Light #6
Official Performance Drinking Old Style #3
Official Performance Drinking Sam Adams #2

32 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Allen "allawoo" (4 time) Wood 7:00 12-Dec-2009 Spearfish, SD
4th Annual BHSU Beer Mile
24 From Can Budweiser
Tim "Need More Practice" Andrew 9:27 8-Nov-2008 Peterborough, ON
Peterborough Beer Mile Fall 2008
44 From Can Budweiser Leading until the final lap, then the penalty came.
Tim Brown 15:45 16-May-2020 St. Lewis Park, Minnesota
2nd Annual Asgard Beer Mile of the Gods
Tim "Spoonin' June" Damrow 9:00 28-Dec-2004 Roseville, MN
1st Annual Connie Wilmes Memorial Beer Mile
19 From Can Budweiser Rookie Debut
Itwasmy ""I'm OK"" Firsttimer 7:30 11-Dec-2004 williamsburg, VA
Colonial Beer Mile
From Can Natural light
Tim Jankowski 7:43 8-May-2004 Platteville, WI
2004 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
21 From Bottle IceHouse
Tim Jankowski 8:47 7-May-2005 Platteville, WI
2005 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
22 From Bottle IceHouse
Tim "I'm Drowning" Lachow 9:43 31-Dec-2005 Encinitas, CA
Encinitas Beer Mile
44 From Can Miller Genuine Draft First Timer
Tim Owens 13:49 25-May-2019 Regina, Saskatchewan
2nd Annual Creeks Beer Mile
44 From Can Original 16 Fastest over 40 in the field
Tim Owens 15:30 9-Jun-2018 Regina, SK, Canada
The Creeks Beer Mile
43 From Bottle Original 16 Winner of the Masters age class.
Tim Stewart 7:59 28-May-2011 Tauranga, New Zealand
New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Solid performance on debut.
Bowers Timothy 28:20.79 22-Nov-2007 Pensacola, Florida
Thanksgiving Beer Mile
23 From Can Miller Light
Tim W 10:55 31-May-2019 Harry Downes Track
Not Brighton Bangers Beer Mile 3rd Summer
Tim W 12:52 15-Nov-2019 Harry Downes Field
Not Brighton Bangers Winter Beer Mile 2019
Tim W 13:37 15-Dec-2018 Harry Downes
Not Brighton Bangers Beer Mile Winter
Tim Walsh 11:19 27-Aug-2008 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
1st annual FFKICBMC
33 penalty lap
Tim Walsh 14:35 9-Jun-2018 Regina, SK, Canada
The Creeks Beer Mile
From Can Molson Pilsner Came out of nowhere with a stellar run!
Tim Walsh 20:00 25-May-2019 Regina, Saskatchewan
2nd Annual Creeks Beer Mile
From Can Sleeman 14:54, but DQ'd for not finishing his last beer.
Tim Weston 7:43 26-Oct-2007 Bozeman, MT
2007 Bozeman Beer Mile
26 From Can Lucky foamy beer -- turns out putting by the fireplace was a bad idea
Tim Whitesell 21:13.32 27-Jan-2018 Cordova, AK, United States
Iceworm BeerMile
50 From Can Natural Ice
Tim "Coxwill" Willcox 9:15 7-May-2005 Platteville, WI
2005 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
26 From Bottle MGD Light
Tim "Coxwill" Willcox 11:54 22-Feb-2003 Platteville, WI
UWP Open
24 From Can Old Style :16,1:18,1:09,1:19,1:59,1:30,3:15,1:28
Tim Williams 13:02 15-Jan-2012 South Elgin, IL
Grand Slam Beer Mile
55 From Bottle Sam Adams race legend
Tim Williams 14:40 27-Jan-2013 South Elgin, IL
2nd Annual Grand Slam Beer Mile
56 From Can Coors Ran in a beer mug costume
Tim "T-Willi" Williard 5:41 16-Nov-2009 McVay Track, Westerville, OH
OC Bi-annual Milk Mile
19 From Cup 2% Chocolate Milk
Tim "Once it hits your lips!" Woods 8:59 25-Feb-2005 Everett, WA
Cascade 1st Annual Pop Mile
17 From Can Cola
Tim Woodthorpe 12:15 1-Jun-2002 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nottingham Chunder Mile 2002
Tim "Hungry Like The Wolf" Woulfe 11:16 18-Dec-2017 Chelmsford, UK
Pre Xmas Beer Mile Invitational
35 From Can Brooklyn Lager
Tim "Wu-Tang" Wu 8:00.4 5-Dec-2001 greensburg, Pa
dukes beer mile
From Can Beast
Timmy Wucherer 7:33 14-Jul-2012 River Falls, WI
5th Annual River Falls Days Beer Mile
24 From Can Linnies
Timmy Wucherer 9:27 9-Jul-2011 River Falls, WI
5th annual RF Days Beer Mile
23 From Can Natural Ice
Tim Zwall 12:23 21-Dec-2001 West Chester, PA
WCU Track / X-C Alumni Beer Mile