Tom Skinner

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Canadian #24
Official Performance Drinking Blue Buck #1
Official Performance Drinking Granville Honey Lager #2
Official Performance Drinking Vancouver Island Lager #1
Official Performance Drinking Bomber ESB #1

13 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Tom Skinner 6:23 13-Jun-2009 Vancouver, BC
J Mac Beer 1000
From Bottle Phillips Blue Buck
Tom Skinner 7:41 5-Jul-2004 Sutherland High School, North Vancouver, BC
Goodbye Goetz International Beer Mile
18 Canadian Ice
Tom "The Champ" Skinner 7:46 13-Sep-2012 Vancouver, BC
iEtaPi Third Annual Beer Mile
26 From Bottle Blue Buck
Tom Skinner 7:50 5-Jun-2004 Sutherland High School, North Vancouver, BC
J Mac North Shore Champs
From Can Canadian Race director.
Tom Skinner 8:03 30-Aug-2012 Vancouver, BC
Summer 2012 Vancouver Beer Mile
26 From Can Phillips Blue Buck
Tom Skinner 8:05 17-Jun-2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Trout Lake Beer Mile - Cam's Stag
30 From Can Bomber ESB
Tom Skinner 8:13 24-Oct-2008 Vancouver, BC
9th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
23 From Bottle Vancouver Island Steward of the Gemini
Tom Skinner 8:22 9-Aug-2010 Vancouver, BC
First Annual i-eta-pi Beer Mile
24 From Bottle Nelson Blackheart Stout
Tom Skinner 8:26 17-Mar-2010 Vancouver, BC
St. Patrick's Day Beer Mile
From Can Lighthouse Stout
Tom Skinner 8:46 31-Dec-2004 Vancouver, BC
1st Annual New Years Eve Beer Mile
18 From Can Canadian NSA
Tom Skinner 8:58 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
28 From Can Vancouver Island Lager
Tom Skinner 9:14 30-Sep-2005 Vancouver, BC
7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
19 From Can Granville Honey Lager
Tom Skinner 9:18 26-Nov-2011 Vancouver, BC
2011 Canadian Beer Mile Championships
25 From Bottle Lighthouse Stout