Troy Nolan

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #21
Official State of Alaska Performance #37
Official State of Minnesota Performance #31
Official 2007 Performance #18
Official 2008 Performance #16
Official Performance Drinking Boags #9
Official Performance Drinking Becks #12
Official Performance Drinking Great Raft 318 #16
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Pale Ale #5
Official Performance Drinking Okanagan Spring Pale Ale #6 #8
Official Performance Drinking James Boags #1
Official Performance Drinking 5K IPA (Ghost Runners Brewery) #2
Official Performance Drinking Nelson #1
Official Performance Drinking Venom #2
Official Performance Drinking Morgozo Pilsner #1

51 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Troy 17:22 30-Jun-2012 Tampa, FL
2012 Tampa Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Vagina Destroyer 7:38 14-Sep-2018 Tiergarten, Berlin, Deutschland
6th Berlin Beer Mile
From Can Heineken 5% 0.33l
Vagina Destroyer 8:09 28-May-2015 Berlin, Germany
2nd Berlin Beer Mile
From Can Heineken
Vagina Destroyer 10:00 27-Sep-2014 Berlin, Germany
1st Berlin Beer Mile
From Bottle Hasseroeder Almost thrown up
Troy Barba 6:30 24-Nov-2010 Los Gatos CA
2010 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Troy Barba 6:42 4-Dec-2008 Los Gatos CA
Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008
33 Da Winna
TROY BARBA 6:45 21-Nov-2007 Los Gatos CA
2007 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Troy Barba 6:54 23-Nov-2011
Silicon Valley Beer MIle 2011
Troy Barba 7:11 25-Nov-2009 Los Gatos CA
2009 Silicon Valley Beer MIle
Troy Barba 7:14 22-Nov-2006 Los Gatos CA
2006 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Troy Barba 7:53 6-Dec-2005 Los Gatos CA
2005 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Troy "Tron" Barrie 10:40 30-Sep-2005 Vancouver, BC
7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
21 From Can Okanagan Spring Pale Ale
Troy "Tron" Barrie 12:52 30-Aug-2012 Vancouver, BC
Summer 2012 Vancouver Beer Mile
From Can Pacific Pilsner
Troy "Tron" Barrie 14:27 18-Mar-2005 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Nelson
Troy "Tron" Barrie 18:02 15-Oct-2004 Vancouver, BC
Engineering Physics Classic
20 From Can Old Style Pilsner *finished naked
Troy Barrie 19:43 2-Aug-2011 Vancouver, BC
Broadway Beer Mile 2
From Can Sleeman Original Draught sweet spandex; ran in heat 2
Troy "Tron" Barrie 22:10 24-Oct-2008 Vancouver, BC
9th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
24 From Bottle Whistler
Troy "Tron" Barrie 34:50 10-Mar-2006 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
22 From Bottle Nelson Nice Tracksuit
Troy "Tron" Barrie 36:23 23-Sep-2006 Vancouver, BC
Zoo vs. Tron 2:30 am Challenge
22 From Bottle Kokanee Gold
Troy "Tron" Barrie 39:40 21-Dec-2004 Vancouver, BC
Vancouver End-o-Exams Classic
20 From Bottle Okanagan Spring Pale Ale
Troy "Tron" Barrie 40:15 9-Sep-2006 Middle of the freakin' forest
Fatherless Children Ball Hockey Training Camp Beer Mile
22 From Can Alberta Genuine Draft
Troy Birtwhistle 9:32 21-Dec-2004 Victoria, BC
1st Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
Vagina Destroyer 8:02 22-Sep-2017 Berlin, Deutschland
Berlin Beer Mile #5
33 From Can Heineken 5% 0.33l
Troy Duguay 19:28 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
26 From Can Great Raft
Troy Duguay II 9:58.5 30-Jun-2018 Shreveport, LA, USA
2018 Great Raft Brewing Lager Jogger Beer Mile
Great Raft 318
Troy Duncan 10:51 8-Jan-2005 Melbourne, Australia
Knox Chocolate Milk Mile
15 From Cup Chocolate Milk Spewed... haha
Troy Espiritu 9:28 13-Jun-2009 Columbus, GA
3rd Annual Columbus Beer Mile
37 From Can Coors
Troy Harkness 9:03 12-Jul-2020 Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Strava Runners 2020 Beer Mile
54 From Bottle Morgozo Pilsner
Troy Healey 16:23.4 22-Mar-2014 South Brunswick, NJ
140 George 1st Annual
22 From Can Budweiser
Troy Kameme 8:03 3-May-2014 Tin Alley, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
2014 Parkville Beer Milers Autumn Classic
Troy Kameme 8:16 27-Apr-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Autumn Classic
Troy Kameme 8:19 21-Sep-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Parkville Beer Mile
Troy Kameme 8:30 15-Sep-2012 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2012 Parkville Beer Mile
From Bottle James Boags
Troy "Snoop Dog" Kameme 14:30.92 13-May-2017 Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Brooks International Beer Mile
From Bottle Boags
Troy Kenny 13:14 16-Nov-2019 Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2019
From Bottle Corona A minute PB!
Troy Kenny 14:12 24-Nov-2018 Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile - 2nd anniversary
Troy Kenny 14:29 20-Feb-2021 Brightwater Oval
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2020
Corona Fixed the trophy but didn't win it!!
Troy Macrae 10:46 26-May-2012 Tauranga, New Zealand
2012 New Zealand Beer Mile Champs
From Can VB Best costume award goes to Pantyshield man....outstandingly funny
Troy Macrae 11:35 28-May-2011 Tauranga, New Zealand
New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB
Colin Nitroy 67:00 8-Dec-2014 State College, PA
2014 Creamery Half Gallon x 4 Mile Challenge
Cookies and Cream First Time
Troy Nolan 11:13 13-Sep-2015 Vancouver, WA
Ghost Runners Brewery Beer Mile 9/2015
35 From Bottle 5K IPA (Ghost Runners Brewery)
Troy "eggs" Pryor 6:02 10-Mar-2010 Anderson, IN
Anderson University All American Milk Mile
22 From Cup milk weak ass chugger
Troy Pryor 6:08 18-Nov-2006 Anderson, IN
2006 Anderson University All-American Milk Mile
19 From Cup Chocolate Milk Held it in, but felt miserable
Matt Royer 8:45 7-Dec-2002 St. Peter, MN
9th Annual Gustavus Beer Mile
Troy Rudderham 8:45 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
36 From Can Granville Island Pale Ale
Troy Rudderham 10:16 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Troy Snow 11:26 28-Oct-2016 Fawkner Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
2016 Fawkner Frothfest
29 Heineken
Troy Snow 12:15 26-Oct-2018 South Yarra VIC, Australia
2018 Fawkner Frothfest
31 From Bottle Becks
Troy Snow 13:26 23-Oct-2015 Fawkner Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2015 Fawkner Frothfest
28 From Bottle Venom
Troy "Trog" Tirrell 13:35.15 27-Jan-2018 Cordova, AK, United States
Iceworm BeerMile
63 From Bottle Budweiser
Troy Windsor 8:37 17-Mar-2018 Clark Keer Track Berkeley, CA
East Bay Beer Runners Beer Mile
50 From Can Heineken 1st beer mile