Wes Hollander

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Alaska Performance #31
Official State of Connecticut Performance #15 #35
Official State of Maryland Performance #1 #4
Official State of Montana Performance #15
Official State of Utah Performance #30
Official 2003 Performance #14
Official 2006 Performance #16
Official Performance Drinking Lucky #5
Official Performance Drinking Busch #10
Official Performance Drinking Export #9
Official Performance Drinking Yuengling #1
Official Performance Drinking Stroh's #17
Official Performance Drinking Bud Heavy #5
Official Performance Drinking Great Raft 318 #11
Official Performance Drinking Taiwan Beer #3
Official Performance Drinking Tin Roof #2

62 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jon "WesXC" Kraus 11:06 8-Dec-2003 Middletown, CT
The Ice Mile Photo Shoot
21 From Can Busch first boot-free BM
Wes 9:38 9-Aug-2013 Boston, MA
[not-CRC] 1st Beer Mile
Wesley 7:10 1-Jan-2011 Toronto, ON
Beer Mile 2011
Westley 17:57 27-Apr-2018 New Taipei City, Taiwan
Taiwan Beer Mile National Championship
Taiwan Beer
Weston 12:23 27-Jul-2019 Anchorage, Alaska
5th Annual Anchorage Beer Mile
24 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Wes Alexander 18:10 21-Nov-2009 Chicago, IL
Chicagoland Beer Mile V
From Can Budweiser
Wes Alkin 19:14 6-Aug-2002 Fayetteville, AR
University of Arkansas Beer Mile
Johnny Awesome 27:48 22-Jun-2014 Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guam
Guam Beer Mile- 3rd Annual Summer Classic
Weston Bennett 13:00 24-Jun-2017 Cordova, AK, United States
Cordova Beer-Mile
34 Coors Third Place
Wes Citti 9:54 7-Jul-2018 Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
8th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
32 From Can Coors
Wes Citti 10:16 29-Jul-2017 Los Angeles, CA, United States
7th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
31 From Can Budweiser
Wes Citti 10:38 2-Aug-2015 Los Angeles, CA, United States
5th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
29 From Can Budweiser
Wes "The Animal" Dawkins 9:59 17-Aug-2002 Sarnia, ON
2nd Annual Beach Beer Mile
21 From Can Export also competed in g-string
Weston C. "The Animal" Dawkins 12:00 22-Aug-2001 Sarnia, ON
Inaugural Canatara Beach Beer Mile
20 From Can Stroh's Best Dressed!!!
Wes Dearborn 11:25 13-Jun-2008 Toronto, ON
3rd Annual West Toronto Classic
From Can Labbat's Blue *vomit penalty lap
Wesley "Pipes" Denecke 19:11 18-Apr-2011 State College, PA
Mark Burnham Spring Opener
20 From Can Miller High Life
West Wank Denver H3 13:40 20-Aug-2008 Denver, CO
Denver H3 Mile High Beer Mile #2
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Wes Edell 8:46 17-Mar-2018 Clark Keer Track Berkeley, CA
East Bay Beer Runners Beer Mile
Andrew Escandon 11:09 29-Oct-2016 McDonald Field, Topeka, KS, United States
6th Annual Topeka Beer Mile Championships
24 From Bottle Bard's Gluten Free
Wesley Feick 13:36 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR
Weston Fonger 9:58 12-Sep-2014 Brooklyn, NY
McCarren Park Beer Mile 3
From Can Budweiser
Scott Hawes 8:09 1-May-2007 Norwich, United Kingdom
Norwich AC Chunder Mile
Wes Hollander 12:25 6-Dec-2014 Tulsa, Ok
Inaugural Tulsa Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Clint Howes 14:51 12-Nov-2016 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Hazeldean Valley Beer Run
15 From Cup Hazeldean Brewing Company; Friars Habit Brewery
Wesolowski "Weso" Jason 6:01 1-Dec-2007 Stevens Point, WI
UWSP Turkey Bowl Beer Mile
Wes Kirk 10:10 24-Jan-2016 Kwajalein Atoll
Second Kwaj Beer Mile
From Bottle bud heavy
Wes Kirk 10:22 7-Sep-2015 Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
First Kwajalein Beer Mile
Wesely McNamara 7:47 29-Oct-2010 Toronto, ON
Rat Beer Mile 2
From Can Molson Canadian New Record!!
Wesley McNamara 7:10 28-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Riverdale Park Fall Classic
From Can Yankee Jim PB, what an animal!
Wes Moore 13:39 3-Dec-1999 Windsor, ON
Windsor Fall Beer Mile
Wesley Moore 14:35 4-Dec-1998 Windsor, ON
Windsor Beer Mile
Wesley "Moss" Moss 11:02 7-Jun-2015 Tuscaloosa, AL
Race 1 in T town
23 From Can Budweiser
Wesley Nigon 8:20 19-Jul-2018 Byron, MN, USA
Team RED Beer Mile Championship - 6th Annual
From Can Coors Banquet
Wesley Smith 9:16.85 29-Jul-2007 Fort Wayne, IN
4th Semi-annual Bishop Dwenger Chocolate Milk Mile
18 From Cup chocolate milk
Wes Taylor 13:20 23-Apr-2011 Bridport, Tasmania
3rd annual Bridport Beer Mile
20 From Cup Chocolate Milk penalty lap, was on track for sub 7 until the bell
Wes "Animal" Taylor 18:44 6-Apr-2012 Bridport, Tasmania
2012 Tasmanian beer/chocolate milk mile championships
20 From Cup Cider, jager and beam
Bianca van der Westhuizen 18:27 9-Oct-2015 McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Potch 2015 Beer Mile
29 From Bottle Erdinger
West of "puffin" Virginia 5:52 17-May-2006 Newark, DE
Blue Hen Mile
21 From Can Keystone 59.5 last 400
Sara "bug" Weselake 12:12 29-Apr-2010 Edmonton, AB
Fifth Edmonton Beer Mile Classic
Charles Wesley-James 13:09 25-Apr-2020 Worldwide
Quarantine Classic Virtual Beer Mile
Non-alcoholic H3 Downwind
Clark Wesselius 10:17 20-Aug-2016 Belleisle Creek, NB, Canada
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser
Clarke Wesselius 9:31 8-Aug-2014 Belleisle, NB
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
From Can Maclays
Lee Wesselius 9:26 20-Aug-2016 Belleisle Creek, NB, Canada
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
22 From Can Molson Canadian
Lee Wesselius 16:11 8-Aug-2014 Belleisle, NB
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
20 From Can Maclays
Heather West 19:09 29-Dec-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2016
From Can Tin Roof heat 1
Markus "Flat" West 12:39 18-Dec-2014 Guernsey
Fish Tank Mile
42 From Can Stella gutsy
Rob West 12:53 16-Sep-2000 Toronto, ON
Nigel Gray Stag Beer Mile
Bryan Westby 12:15 10-Mar-2001 Portland, OR
1st Annual Northwest Springtime Beer Mile
Brent Westenfelt 17:21 23-Jul-2016 Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Doug's Tri-Annual Beer Mile, Pioneer Day 2016
Ron "'Little Ron'" Westenhafer 9:44 27-Jun-2014 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Beer Mile II
From Can Budweiser Just missed the podium in his first Beer Mile.
Justin Western 8:10.7 30-Jun-2018 Shreveport, LA, USA
2018 Great Raft Brewing Lager Jogger Beer Mile
Great Raft 318
Virginia "Lumber Jack Off" Westervelt 10:16 4-Aug-2010 Morris Plains , NJ
24 From Can Coors Extra Gold 2nd female.
Seth Westfall 9:05 1-Jul-2014 Westerville, OH
CRC TNT Inaugural Beer Mile
From Can Yuengling Traditional Lager
Kyle Westhaus 6:50 18-Nov-2015 Bellbrook, OH, United States
Centerville XC Post-Season Milk Mile 2015
16 From Cup Chocolate milk
erik westlund 6:29 23-May-2006 College Park, MD
alex vs erik post graduation bonanza
21 From Bottle yuengling PR! 2nd race
Erik Westlund 7:26 12-May-2005 College Park, MD
End of Semester Beer Mile
20 From Bottle Budweiser debut
Bob Westman 13:41 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
22 From Can Old Milwaukee My 48 speed did not help me one bit
Mookie Weston 13:54 15-Oct-2016 Parker Street Oval
The Great Bailie Beer Mile 2016
From Can Tun
Tim Weston 7:43 26-Oct-2007 Bozeman, MT
2007 Bozeman Beer Mile
26 From Can Lucky foamy beer -- turns out putting by the fireplace was a bad idea
Ian Westra 10:03 19-Mar-2005 Waterloo, ON
4th Annual Spring K-W BM (The Polar KWBMile)
23 From Can Molson Canadian PB
Ian "No Comment" Westra 15:31 20-Nov-2004 Waterloo, ON
4th Annual Fall K-W BM (Syracuse Invitational)
22 Penalty Lap, PB
Wes York 5:30 12-Jun-2016 Hinsdale Central High School
NVHC Summer Milk Mile 2016
From Cup Chocolate milk