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Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Alberta, Canada Performance #49
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #49
Official State of Colorado Performance #28
Official State of Oregon Performance #33
Official Super Grand Hash Masters (69+) Performance #4
Official 1999 Performance #5
Official 2002 Performance #12
Official 2003 Performance #5
Official Performance Drinking Canadian #7
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #12
Official Performance Drinking Molson #5
Official Performance Drinking Catle Lite #1
Official Performance Drinking Yingling Premium #1

41 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
America's Next Model 13:55 27-May-2017 SEHS Track 24th and Amazon, Eugene Oregon
Eugene Beer Mile #8 Pre Lives
69 From Can PBR
Eric "Ironman" Dempster 8:20 22-Nov-2008 Carpinteria, CA
C.A.R.P. Beer Mile 2008
35 From Can Tecate
Eric Dettman 7:18 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Elite
27 Portland, OR
Erick Feltham 9:02 1-Oct-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #2
Erick Feltham 9:11 18-Jun-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #1
Eric Fetherman 16:36 1-Jan-2017 Bellvue, CO, United States
New Years Resolution
32 From Can PBR
Erich Fitzimmons 10:32 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR
Eric Gounem 11:29 13-Mar-2015 Baghdad, Iraq
Baghdad Hash Dirty Leprechaun Beer Mile
From Bottle Miller Genuine Draft Dry
Eric Guzman 8:08.8 30-May-2009 Anchorage, AK
1st Annual Anchorage-Area Milk Mile
19 From Cup 2% Milk Great run, considering hasn't run in 3 years.
Eric Hamel 10:20 19-May-2018 Bellingham, WA, USA
Squalicum twilight
20 Budweiser
Eric "Asian Team" Lam 10:27 13-Jul-2019 Troy, MI
JFOR - Maj.Brian Peaslee Memorial Beer Mile
25 From Can PBR Who talked me into this?
Eric Lamghjelm 7:55 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Eric Langhelm 11:05 25-Aug-2000 Vancouver, BC
2nd Annual Brockton Oval Beer Mile
Eric Langhjelm 6:39 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Eric Langhjelm 6:52 13-Sep-2002 Vancouver, BC
4th Annual Gemini Beer MIle
From Can Canadian
Eric Lanjhelm 6:37 30-Jul-1999 Vancouver, BC
BC Beer Miling Champs
Mericka Lehman 13:47.7 5-Dec-2001 greensburg, Pa
dukes beer mile
From Can Beast
eric m 9:35 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Molson
Eric "Legs" Maas 9:48 12-Aug-2011 Cambridge Ontario
2nd Annual Cambridge Beer Mile
From Can Lakeport Honey
Eric Marquard 8:10.2 28-Dec-2008 Morris County, NJ
6th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
45 From Bottle Yingling Premium
Eric Martin 8:55 8-Aug-2020 Altadena, CA
2020 Altadena Beer Mile Open
41 From Can Coors
Eric Miller 9:50 8-Aug-2014 San Antonio, TX
Northside Beer Mile
28 From Can Budweiser
Eric Miller 9:53 25-Apr-2008 Coral Gables, Florida
Hurricane Invite
Erica "emoff" Moffitt 7:01 18-Nov-2006 Anderson, IN
2006 Anderson University All-American Milk Mile
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk Not a bad performance at all.
Eric "Bad Monkey" Moore 9:54 23-Apr-2008 Round Lake, Illinois
Round Lake Invitational - Spring 2008
34 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Eric "Bad Monkey" Moore 10:02 16-Aug-2007 Round Lake, Illinois
Round Lake Invitational - Fall 2007
33 From Can Budweiser
Eric Mountjoy 10:15 27-Jun-2015 London, ON
Ontario Beer Mile Championships
Marc-Antoine "The not thirsty cow" Ricard 22:50 17-Sep-2011 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-country Vert et Or 2011
From Can Budweiser Thought he could win
Mike Rice 19:53 26-Jul-1997 Vancouver, BC
William Paul Riley Stag Night Beer Mile
Erica Saayman 15:51 2-Dec-2019 South Africa
Centurion BeerMile 2019
56 From Bottle Catle Lite 4%
Eric Schmidt 13:33 26-Jul-2003 New Berlin, WI
1st Annual Chocolate Milk Mile
15 From Cup Chocolate Milk puked
Eric Schmitt 15:21 1-Aug-2019 New Orleans, LA
Louisiana State Championship Beer Mile
24 From Can Budweiser
Eric Schmitt 17:32 19-Dec-2019 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2019
24 From Can Budweiser heat 1
Eric "Zootsuit Riot" Seigmann 11:25 19-Dec-2009 Chicago, IL
Whose Idea Was This Beer Mile
34 From Can Budweiser
Eric "Stermer" Stermer 15:43 24-May-2020 Auburn, NY
Pulsars Memorial Day Weekend Beer Mile
31 From Can Budweiser Debut
Eric Thomassin 14:09 16-Aug-2018 Vieux-Limoilou, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2018
44 From Can Budweiser
Eric Thomassin 19:26 6-Sep-2019 Vieux-Limoilou
Limoilou Beer Mile 2019
Eric Van der Meer 7:16.5 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg Eric was in open heat, but measured
Eric Van Der Meer 8:54 4-Jul-2020 San Francisco, cA
2020 Beer Mile World Classic (Men's)
Eric Williamson 24:06 23-Jul-2016 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Eric Williamson 28:08 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum