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Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #294
Official Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Performance #1
Official State of Colorado Performance #31
Official State of Florida Performance #24
Official State of Idaho Performance #4
Official State of Maine Performance #18 #37 #45
Official State of Montana Performance #44
Official State of Oregon Performance #32
Official State of Pennsylvania Performance #33
Official State of Tennessee Performance #40
Official State of Virginia Performance #30
Official 2000 Performance #4
Official Performance Drinking Coors #17
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light #7
Official Performance Drinking Canadian #9
Official Performance Drinking Old Milwaukee #22
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #14
Official Performance Drinking Laker Lager #6 #22
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys New #16
Official Performance Drinking Milwaukee's Best #2
Official Performance Drinking Bavaria #2
Official Performance Drinking Labatt 50 #2
Official Performance Drinking Big Rock Grasshopper #6
Official Performance Drinking Old Style #7
Official Performance Drinking Hop House Lager #2
Official Performance Drinking Nastro Azzuro #1
Official Performance Drinking Mountain Goat Fancy Pants Amber Ale #1

77 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Matt Verdolini 8:10 11-Jan-2009 Miami, Gold Coast, Australia
Gold Coast Chunder Mile
From Bottle Sol Beer
Matt Anderson 9:55 1-Jan-2016 Winchester, VA, United States
2016 Winchester Beer Mile
Matt Arndt 9:31 15-Aug-2003 Missoula, MT
The Team Stampede Beer Mile
25 From Can Budweiser
Matt Barhardt 10:51 14-Jul-2011 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #1
penalty lap
Matt Bilodeau 17:05 27-Sep-2008 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-Country 2008
19 From Can Budweiser
Matt Bouchard 17:37 4-Apr-1998 Kingston, ON
4th Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Matt Bradley 9:41 13-May-2006 Worcester, MA
WPI Track Spring Beer Mile
21 From Can Coors Booted
Matt Bradley 13:30 13-May-2005 Worcester, MA
Worcester Spring Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Matt Breidenstein 15:28 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
25 From Can Budweiser Hey who is that Justin guy?
Matt Caddabra 7:52 21-Dec-2010 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Holiday Beer Mile
MILLER LIGHT miller light
Matt Cardona 2:54 23-May-2014 San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Runners 4x40 World Record Crew
21 From Bottle Budweiser 3rd leg
Matt Chudleigh 7:04 18-Mar-2005 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
23 From Bottle Canadian
Matt Cuddy 7:17 14-Apr-2010 Thunder Bay, ON
2nd Annual Thunder Bay Beermile
21 From Can Schlitz crazy virgin
Matt D 10:32 15-Sep-2011 New York, NY
Dashing Whippets Beer Mile Invitational
Matt Dailey 26:11 18-Jun-2015 Falcon Bluffs Middle School, Denver, CO
Second Annual Ben Dicke Summer Beer Mile
From Can Old Style noob
Matt "Shredder" Decker DNF 8-Jun-2013 Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn BEER MILE 1: Spring '13
From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap
Matt Degman 8:01.3 22-Jun-2017 East River Track, NY, NY
2017 Spring NYC Beer Mile Championship (Men)
Budweiser FrontRunners
Matt Demeo 9:06 13-Nov-2003 London, ON
The 2nd Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
20 From Can Milwaukee's Best First in the rower division
Matt Demeo 9:52 21-Nov-2004 London, ON
The 3rd Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
From Can Old Milwaukee Sophomore curse
Matt Demeo 13:35 12-Nov-2005 London, ON
The 4th Annual Western Fall Beer Mile
From Can Laker Lager
Matthew Dettman 7:16 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Elite
27 Portland, OR
Matt Dimola 14:49 29-Dec-2005 Thiells, NY
3rd Annual Holiday Classic Beer Mile 2005
20 From Can Bud Light set a New PB, didn't yack for the first time ever and finally ditched his partner in crime Al, Most Improved Award winner
Matt Dimola 16:08 27-Mar-2005 Miami, FL
FIU Spring Break - Return of the Goot a.k.a. (the gouch)
20 From Bottle Bud Light Bare Ass Award - (pl)
Matt DiMola 19:58 12-Feb-2004 Miami, FL
FIU Valentine Massacre
18 From Can Bud Light Most Improved
Matt DiMola 28:51 23-Dec-2003 Thiells, NY
Rockland Holiday Beer Mile Classic
18 From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap
Matt "Colonel Rangger" Dineen 15:45 26-Apr-2008 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
3rd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships
21 From Can Tooheys New First rangger home. A good effort. Your people would be proud
Matthew "Buckwhilo" DiPaolo 7:37 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
39 From Can Budweiser beer+DiPaolo=buckwhilo
Matt Dodd 13:01 21-Jul-2017 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Steel City Beer Mile
From Bottle Brooklyn Lager
Matt Dodds 19:03 17-Nov-2000 Kingston, ON
Fifth Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
Matt "Matty D" Donovan 9:50 1-Jan-1970 Kitchener, ON, Canada
Dragons Soccer Beer Mile
34 From Can Budwei
Matt "Falls alot" Doutt 18:53 5-Mar-2013 Flagler Beach
Spring Break Florida Beer Mile
24 From Can Miller High Life Bitch
Matthew Downs 8:09 4-May-2007 Northcote, Auckland
Takapuna Harriers Inaugural Beer Mile
34 From Bottle Bavaria 5% Ran in speedos
Matt Dreier 8:15 3-Oct-2008 Columbia, MO
First Annual Missouri Beer Mile
Matt Dreier 9:39 27-Feb-2009 Columbia, MO
True/False Beer Mile
From Can Bud Light ** Not 5%
Matt Dreier 11:48 19-Jun-2012 Columbia, MO
Pat Hanson is going to Hotlanta Beer Mile
From Can Ska True Blonde Ale
Matt Duelka 14:13 11-Nov-2011 Brooklyn, NY
Official Unofficial City Coach Beer Mile
Matt Duffy 14:40 13-Mar-2015 San Francisco, CA
WVTC Winter Classic 2015
From Can Budweiser
Matt Fedoruk 8:54 8-Aug-2002 Victoria, BC
Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
28 From Can Big Rock Grasshopper
Matt Fedoruk 11:19 19-Apr-1997 Edmonton, AB
Scona Boys Match Race
Matt "The Rookie" Fideler 9:02 24-Oct-2009 Madison SD
21 From Can Budweiser We got a first timer out here!
Matt "Fiedle Sticks" Fiedler 16:53.36 21-Nov-2009 Nashville, TN
1st Annual Runnin' Rebels Beer Mile
21 From Can Miller Puked with 40 meters to go
Matthew "Fordinator" Ford 27:55 20-Jun-2014 Nanjing, China
The 1st China Beer Mile - Nanjing June 2014
21 From Bottle Tsingtao Stout A strong performance. Also paced Matthew Thomas on his final and penalty lap in a fine show of sportsmanship.
Matt Forhand 7:32 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Matt Goodwin 7:23 19-May-2016 Caldwell, ID, United States
The Coyote Classic
22 From Can Coors
Matt "Hippo" Hinde 7:52.8 21-Mar-2009 San Francisco, CA
3rd Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser
Matt Hinde 8:22 24-Feb-2007 San Francisco, CA
1st Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser
Matt "Hershey" Hirshfeld 26:05 9-Jul-2017 10761 Charnock Road, Los Angeles, CA, United States
First Ever Team Magician Shiny Fun-Raising Challenge
37 From Can Budweiser shut up ya old bag
Matt Hyde 8:13 6-Dec-1998 Brunswick, ME
1998 Bowdoin College Chunder Mile
Matt Kiddle 12:10 14-Sep-2019 Hardraw, Yorkshire UK
2Tough2kill Beer Mile
Nastro Azzuro
Matt Kiddle 12:51 20-Oct-2018 Hardraw, Hawes, UK
2Tough2Kill Beer Mile
Hop House Lager
Matt "Monroe" Lundy 11:54 8-May-2003 Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
Beer Mile
20 From Can Yuengling
Aidy Matthews 8:33 1-Jun-2000 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nottingham Chunder Mile 2000
Dan Matthews 9:18 2-Nov-2013 Warfield BC Canada
7th annual Warfield beer mile
29 From Can Budweiser
Danny Matthews 7:50 12-Nov-2005 London, ON
The 4th Annual Western Fall Beer Mile
From Can Laker Lager
Danny Matthews 8:26 24-Nov-2006 London, ON
The 5th Annual Western Fall Beer Mile
19 From Can Labbat's Blue
Matt "Goldilocks" McDonald 10:23.28 5-Nov-2005 Houston, TX
2005 Fall Houston Hash Beer Mile
38 From Can Miller High Life
Matt Murdoch 27:00 30-Aug-2012 Vancouver, BC
Summer 2012 Vancouver Beer Mile
32 From Can Granville Island Pale Ale
Matt O'Donnell 16:00 9-Jun-2018 Regina, SK, Canada
The Creeks Beer Mile
38 From Can Original 16 Ran like a 48 year old.
Matt O'Donnell 16:36 25-May-2019 Regina, Saskatchewan
2nd Annual Creeks Beer Mile
39 From Can Sleeman Waited for his wife to cross the finish line. What a gentleman.
Matt Odger 10:10 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
Matt Randol 8:28 21-Jun-2005 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Summer Beer Mile
Matt Redmond 11:50 14-Jun-2018 Edwardes Lake Park, Reservoir VIC, Australia
Ice Cream Pants Beer Mile 2018
33 From Can Mountain Goat Fancy Pants Amber Ale
Matt Reid 13:15 26-Aug-2004 Ottawa, ON
Inaugural Gloucester Beer Mile
23 From Can Canadian
Matt Richardson 6:04 9-Sep-2000 Halifax, NS
Halifax Beer Mile
Matt Sandercock 8:12 21-Dec-2001 West Chester, PA
WCU Track / X-C Alumni Beer Mile
Matt Schmidt 10:00 20-Dec-2013 Mill Valley, CA
2nd Annual Stag Holiday Beer Mile
39 Budweiser
Matt "Sonic" Sonnenfeldt 4:50 17-Jul-2010 Knoxville, TN
210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile
19 From Cup Chocolate Milk #2 all-time
Matt Sonnenfeldt 5:01.3 8-Aug-2009 West High School
East Tennessee Chocolate Milk Mile
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk Under previous WR
Matt "Stricky" Strickland 7:20 19-Nov-2005 Waterloo, ON
5th Annual Fall K-W BM
22 From Can Labatt 50 PB
Matt "Strick" Strickland 7:54 20-Nov-2004 Waterloo, ON
4th Annual Fall K-W BM (Syracuse Invitational)
22 Rookie, running his mouth
Matt Tropical Island Runner 25:00 20-Dec-2013 Bronx, NY
Snow & Ice Beer Mile
From Can Tropical Island beer made his mother proud
Matt Twiddy 7:27 27-Nov-1999 Kingston, ON
Fourth Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
Matt Ward 23:21 24-Aug-2008 Cranford, NJ
Cranford X-C 4th Annual Beer Mile
From Can Coors Original
Matt Widzer 9:19 3-Oct-2008 Columbia, MO
First Annual Missouri Beer Mile
Matthew Winstead 16:18 29-Oct-2016 Kill Devil Hills, NC, United States
Inaugural Beer Witch Project
37 From Cup OBBS
Matt Wood 10:33 1-Nov-2014 Chicago, IL
7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile
From Can 312
Matt Wooden 7:37.1 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg Matt was in open heat, but measured