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July 31, 2016 in London

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Current Male Best:
4:47.17Lewis Kent 82%
4:48.62Corey Gallagher 82%
4:56.20Josh Harris 95%
4:56.25James Hansen 68%
4:57.0James "The Beast" Nielsen 85%
5:01.24Jim Finlayson 88%
5:05.2Brian Anderson 79%
5:06.60Michael Johnson 80%
5:07.8Phil Parrot-Migas 80%
5:07.9Michael Cunningham 93%
5:11.0Michael Johnson 70%
5:14.0Jeff Mountjoy 82%
5:16.98Chris Robertson 80%
5:17.0Jack Colreavy 93%
5:19.0Nick Symmonds 95%
Current Female Best:
6:08.51Erin O'Mara
6:17.8Beth Herndon
6:26.29Andrea Fisher
6:28.6Chris Kimbrough
6:38.38Kirsty Jahn
6:35.7Kara Dewalt
6:42.0Seanna Robinson
6:48.0Juliane Masciana
6:53.81Elizabeth Laseter
6:55.3Katie Mackey
6:56.5Caitlin Judd
7:22.0Helen Roundtree
7:36.9Krista Beddoes

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