First Annual Missouri Beer Mile
Columbia, MO

Conditions: Clear, 55 degrees F

created by user pearcej

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Patrick Hanson   6:26.0  MPabst Blue Ribbon  
2.Andy Pele  7:13.0  MMiller Lite  Miller Lite = 4.2%
3. Matt Laye   7:44.0  MBusch  
4. Matt Dreier   8:15.0  M  
5.Louis Reilly  8:24.0  MBudweiser  
6.Ted Zderic  8:30.0  MDiet Coke  ** Soda Mile
7. Jackie Pearce   8:49.0  FBudweiser  
8.Matt Widzer  9:19.0  M  
9.Tony Rigdon  9:21.0  MPabst Blue Ribbon  
10.Luise King  10:30.0  FDiet Coke  ** Soda Mile
11.Mike Denehy  10:50.0  M  
12.Joe Company  11:10.0  MGuiness  
13.Bob Walz  12:58.0  M  
14.John Walz  13:12.0  M  
15. Steve MacIntyre   14:30.0  M3 Bud, 1 PBR  Penalty Lap
16.Michael Gibney  DNF  M  

Race Notes:

The first annual Missouri Beer Mile saw Patrick Hanson (the mid-Missouri beermile powerhouse and favorite), take an early lead and politely lap several competitors with 400m to go to win in 6:26 (a 10s PR). Rumored to be his main challengers, the Walz brothers of Michigan faded early. Andy Pele was second in 7:13 (should have worn the women?s Speedo Andy, it would have been more aero). Matt Laye finished third in 7:44 and announced how easy the mile was without the California 5 beer rule, then followed up the mile with a 5th beer at Flatbranch. With more than half of the field making their beer mile debuts, the race was unexpectedly fast. Steve MacIntyre was DFL and the only penalty lap recipient with a 14:30 wearing his wife?s tri-suit. However, Steve redeemed himself with a lightning fast naked 400m win in 63s, narrowly outkicking Louis Reilly. Other participants of the free willie 400m included Mike Denehy and Andy Pele. Mike probably would have run faster if his shoes weren?t soaked in vomit.

Kudos to Joe Company for doing a Guinness mile in his Speedo. Soda milers included Luise King and Ted Zderic, who drank diet Coke, and wouldn?t recommend that again.

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