Dilworth Beer Mile
Charlotte, NC

Conditions: Beautiful sunny 75 degree day

created by user Nolimitrunna

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Chris "Nolimitrunna" Lamperski  7:03.0  M25Miller High Life, from can  1st beer mile
2.Lat Purser  7:50.0  MMiller High Life  DQ- alcohol content
3.Chris Brindley  8:20.0  M24  
4.Tom Thorkelson  8:47.0  MFrom bottle  1st out of the gate
5. Paul M   9:00.0  M  
6.Josh "Fat Josh" Saak  9:24.0  M  
7.Mike Moran  10:30.0  M  
8.Jocelyn Sikora  11:41.0  F22patron', from bottle  relay beer/tequila
9.Sarah Neumann  11:41.0  F27patron', from bottle  relay beer/tequila
10.Brett McLane  13:38.0  MFrom bottle  
11.Elliott "Balla'" Willson  14:16.0  M26Miller High Life, from can  
12.Corbett Thomason  14:50.0  M  
13.Bruce Wagoner  14:54.0  M  
14.Scott Bodien  15:40.0  M  
15.Chris "hardcore" Cummins  16:12.0  M  Projectile Vomit made for a lap penalty
16.Rich Holmes  19:47.0  M  
17.Sean Welsh  19:47.0  M  

Race Notes:

The beer mile was represented very well for several newbies and vets. @ lovely course monitors were out to make sure everything was legit. The beer of choice varied from person to person, while a relay team tagged up with beer and Patron' Tequila.

Double T took off with smashing his beer right out of the gate and heading around the bend. Quickly the leaders understood that breathing was overrated at the beer mile and never stopped to take a breath.

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