4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
Victoria, BC

Conditions: Light rain showers, 5C

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NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Jim Finlayson   5:09.0  M32Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
2. Nick Walker   5:57.0  M24Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
3. Tyler Trace   6:28.0  M23Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
4. Stefan Jakobsen   6:53.0  M34Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
5. Norm Thibault   7:16.0  M39Sleemans Silver, from can  
6. Tony Yue   7:17.0  M40Sleemans Honey Brown Lager, from can  
7. Jason Sandquist   7:24.0  M38Granville Island Honey Lager, from can  
8. Nathaniel Vaandering   7:28.0  M30IPA, from can  
9. Shawn Nelson   7:32.0  M21Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
10.Eric Findlay  7:36.0  M25Kokanee, from can  
11. Ian Perriman   7:40.0  M32Amber Ale, from can  
12.Peter Hunt  7:50.0  M29Lucky, from can  
13. Mark Nelson   7:56.0  M24Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
14.Josh Henderson  8:10.0  M28Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
15. Peter Stevenson   8:34.0  M41Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
16.Rumon Carter  8:36.0  M32Canterbury, from can  
17. Troy Rudderham   8:45.0  M36Granville Island Pale Ale, from can  
18. Gabor Herner   8:48.0  M48Pilsner, from can  
19. Jonathan Foweraker   9:07.0  M37Canterbury Mild, from can  
20. Greg Scott   9:19.0  M34Becks, from can  
21. Mark Schurch   9:21.0  M33Old Style Pilsner, from can  
22.Lorne Neil  9:22.0  M35Lucky, from can  
23.Lloyd Eigeard  9:39.0  M39Molson Ex Light, from can  Beer Doesn't meet rule #8 requirement of 5% alcohol
24.Dave Stevenson  9:42.0  M42Granville Island, from can  
25. Donald Peterson   9:47.0  M38Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  
26.Andre Liem  9:54.0  M26Granville Island, from can  
27. Paul Regensburg   10:01.0  M38Kokanee, from can  
28. Darren Katila   10:05.0  M42Granville Island Lager, from can  
29.Deanne McCarthy  10:07.0  F26Coors Light, from can  Beer Doesn't meet rule #8 requirement of 5% alcohol
30.Timothy Conlin  10:12.0  M47Sleemans Honey Brown Lager, from can  
31. Toren Gustafson   10:17.0  M23Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
32. Sheila Campbell   10:27.0  F30Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  First female
33.Michael Arensen  10:28.0  M36Labatts Blue, from can  
34.Dave Seager  10:38.0  M23Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
35.Adam Molinek  10:47.0  M29  
36.George Gregory  10:51.0  M28Budweiser, from can  
37. Clint Lien   11:05.0  M44Lighthouse Keepers Stout, from can  
38.Michelle Rudderham  11:06.0  F34Granville Island Lager, from can  Second female
39. Sean Windrum   11:15.0  M40Canterbury, from can  
40.Kim Klapstein  11:29.0  M37Rickards White Ale, from can  
41.James Jones  11:34.0  M20Coors Light, from can  Beer Doesn't meet rule #8 requirement of 5% alcohol
42.Max Shaw  11:48.0  M36Vancouver Island Lager, from can  
43. Brian Fardoe   11:49.0  M52Bowen Island Pale Ale, from can  
44.Sohee Ann  12:04.0  F35Kokanee, from can  Third female
45.Kaere Ballman  12:04.0  F23Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
46. Gary Croome   12:05.0  M37Granville Island Maple Cream Ale, from can  
47.Scott Gray  12:06.0  M32Sleemans Cream Ale, from can  
48.Kari-Lynn Owen  12:14.0  F36Stella Artois, from can  
49.Jon Kerr  12:27.0  M33Moosehead, from can  
50. Steve Woolford   12:46.0  M38Canadian, from can  
51.Mark Ritchie  12:52.0  M39Lighthouse Keepers Stout, from can  
52. Rauvy Dalep   13:05.0  M38Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  
53. Sylvia Grant   13:20.0  F48Canterbury, from can  
54.Cam MacLeod  13:46.0  M33Alexander Keiths IPA, from can  
55.Gregg Longdon  13:49.0  M48Stella Artois, from can  
56.Tiffany Evans  13:52.0  F33Budweiser, from can  
57.Evan Jones  13:56.0  M52Kokanee, from can  
58.Jenna Lock  14:09.0  F27Canterbury, from can  
59.Lindsay MacLean  14:10.0  F27Alexander Keiths IPA, from can  
60.Jen MacLean  14:10.0  F28Alexander Keiths IPA, from can  
61.Stephan Allan  14:21.0  M46Vancouver Island Lager, from can  
62.Vicky Louw  14:50.0  F27Sleemans Honey Brown Lager, from can  
63.Eva van Emden  15:17.0  F33Granville Island Pale Ale, from can  
64.Michelle Gregory  15:40.0  F26Granville Island, from can  
65. Scott MacNeil   15:43.0  M32Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  
66.Kirsten Arensen  15:48.0  F35Labatts Blue, from can  
67. Michelle Rowsell   16:16.0  F37Granville Island Medley, from can  
68.Pheng C Heng  16:27.0  F30Budweiser, from can  
69.Kristen Vandelou  16:27.0  F32Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  
70.Jag Timothy  17:31.0  M35Lighthouse Race Roces Amber Ale, from can  
71.Faye Merrett  17:39.0  F27Granville Island, from can  
72.Robin Boyd  21:00.0  F40Stella Artois, from can  
73.Cayce Foster  21:01.0  F21IPA, from can  
74. Ceri Merrett   21:26.0  F25Granville Island, from can  
75.Emily Jones  21:26.0  F25Alexander Keiths IPA, from can  
76. Andrew Wilkinson   22:39.0  M27Alexander Keiths IPA, from can  
77.Peter Crocker  23:30.0  M23Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  

Race Notes:

The 4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile got underway last night under wet and cold conditions. This didn't stop a record number of participants and spectators from coming out and supporting the event which raises money for melanoma research through the Dave Smart Foundation.

The race got underway at 7:00pm with 77 participants and approx. 100 spectators which created a great atmosphere for the event which is used as a fundraiser for melanoma research. As always the Frontrunners in Nanaimo brought down a big contingent of runners and the Frontrunners in Langford had most of their run club out for their first beer mile.

2005 Canadian Marathon Champ, Jim Finlayson, was first off the line and never looked back as he stayed amazingly consistent through each lap with splits of:

Beer, Lap
1: 7 sec, 65 sec
2: 10 sec, 69 sec
3: 11 sec, 66 sec
4: 12 sec, 69 sec

The 800m mark was hit at 2:31 and the 1200m mark at 3:47. With an controlled last lap he was in at 5:09 to cut another 11 seconds from the world record. Last years time of 5:20 was done with Keepers Stout from a can and this years record was done with Granville Island Winter Ale from a bottle (5.5% alc, 341 ml).

Frontrunners Langford co-owner, Nick Walker, showed a big improvement in his second ever beer mile to place 2nd overall in 5:57.

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