Run for Liqueur
Toronto, ON

Conditions: Mainly sunny, 25C

created by user celestialspeed

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. celestialspeedster   15:09.0  FChocolate Milk, from cup  Stomach made cheese hours later.
2. Thorn   17:15.0  MScrew Driver, from bottle  Showed strong drink mixing skills.
3. Michael Cook   19:00.0  MSteam Whistle, from bottle  Drank 3 pints of beer before race.
4.Diapor   19:07.0  MLakeport Honey Lager, from can  Slow but steady.
5.Lo Newell  20:09.0  FSleeman Original Draft, from can  Surprised to finish and determined to do it again.
6. Roger Pielechaty   20:49.0  MGrasshopper, from bottle  Knelt in the grass to spit, not vomit.
7.Coco De Mer  DNF  FLakeport Honey Lager, from can  Completed one beer and one lap.
8.Domina   DNF  F  Referee
9. Zoe   DNF  F  Referee
10. Kristeen Armstrong   DNF  F  Photographer
11.Dangard Ace  DNF  M  Spectator
12.Jo Yu  DNF  FSleeman Original Draft, from can  Completed two beers and two laps.
13.Grandma Kronic  DNF  M  Spectator

Race Notes:

Reminiscent of other equally worthy charity events, Run for Liqueur is a fundraiser that combines sports with caring.

Competitors and spectators were asked to make a cash donation ($5 suggested). All proceeds go to The Canadian Liver Foundation. $85 will be invested towards our future care.

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