World Records
Top 100 Performances, Age 50 and Up (Grand Masters)

(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Barry Lass   6:51.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M50Budweiser, can  50+ World record
2.Dana Slut   7:09.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM69Busch, can  PR for a grandpa
3.Short Frankenstein   7:11.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM69Busch, can  PR for an old man
4.Tony Young   7:13.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM50Bud & Coors, can  Holds WR for mile @ age 46
5.Bob "BJ" Julian   7:14.1   Ancaster, ON Paul Felix Bachalor PartyM50Canadian, bottle  
6.John O'Hearn   7:20.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM50Bud & Coors, can  Sick, tired, fast
7.Mike Erbe*   7:24.0   Los Gatos CA 2007 Silicon Valley Beer MileM51can  
8.Dean Abbass   7:26.0   Sydney, Cape Breton 2012 House Crawl BeermileM50Labatt's Blue, can  
9.Tom Albright   7:28.0   Irvine, CA OC Beer Mile ChampionshipsM57Miller Genuine Draft, can  2012 Champion
10.MIke "sunshine" McHalffey*   7:31.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 3M51Budweiser, can  lots of training this year
11.Mike Erbe*   7:36.0   Los Gatos CA Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008M52  
12.Mike "Birthday Boy" Friedl   7:45.8   Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Foamy Frome IIIM50Becks, bottle  Entering new age group in style!
13.Mike Erbe*   7:46.0   Los Gatos CA 2006 Silicon Valley Beer MileM50  
14.Randy "Guido" Schmidt   7:47.0   New Orleans, LA NOLA Summer Beer MileM50Budweiser, can  Heat 4
15.John "BeerDog" Gillespie   7:49.0   Palo Alto, California Gillespie Invitational Beer MileM54Budweiser, can  
16.Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   7:50.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 6th Annual FFKICBMCM51Budweiser, bottle  the 3rd fastest time for a 51 year old. He's won this almost every year.
17.Phil "Bootsie" Wright*   7:51.2   Simi Valley, CA 2nd Annual Beer MileM50Coors, can  Vicious determination
18.Andy "GNO" Palowitch   7:53.7   McLean, VA Guys Night OutM50Molson Golden, bottle  There's no tomorrow.
19.Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   7:54.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 5th Annual FFKICBMCM50Budweiser, bottle  Turned 50, a great time
20.Dave "Train Wreck" Clingan*   7:58.0   Simi Valley, CA 3rd Annual Simi Valley Beer MileM52Coors, can  On WR pace - next year.
21.Tom Albright   7:58.0   Irvine, CA City of Irvine Beer Mile Champion...M56Miller Genuine Draft, can  2012 OC Beer Mile Champion
22.Mike "Grandpa" McHalffet*   8:00.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 4M51Miller, can  Hammer em early
23.John "The Brit" Taylor   8:00.0   Cambridge Ontario Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2M57Budweiser, can  
24.Brockerville Lloyd   8:03.0   Marystown, Newfoundland 3rd Annual Brockerville Beer MileM50Coors Light, bottle  
25.Greg Cauler   8:03.0   Lancaster, PA F and M beer mileM51Coors regular, can  drank 2 more at the end
26.Mike "Grandpa" McHalfeffey   8:05.8   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 2M50Miller, can  it's a habit
27.Bill Petsch   8:06.0   River Falls, WI 5th Annual River Falls Days Beer ...M61Miller High Life, can  
28.Paul Abdalla   8:09.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM50Budweiser, can  Where's his shirt?
29.Dave Ripp*   8:10.0   Mill Valley, CA Marin Beer Mile #1M60Fat Tire Amber Ale, bottle  60yo+ Age Group WR Attempt
30.Tony "Cyco Prez" Bouso   8:19.4   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 2M52Budweiser, can  vagina has healed
31.Bill Brasier*   8:20.0   Los Gatos CA 2009 Silicon Valley Beer MIleM50Stella Artois,   Drinking the wife beating juice- Kudos!
32.Rocco Dellaserra    8:20.1   Morris County, NJ 10th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M51YooHoo Choc Milk, can  
33.Jake "Lube Job" DeBoe*   8:20.9   Houston, TX 2007 Fall Houston Hash Beer MileM59Miller High Life, can  
34.Bill Brasier*   8:22.0   Los Gatos CA Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008M50  
35.Tom Albright   8:22.1   Irvine, CA Orange County Beer Mile Champions...M56  
36.Bill Mcquown   8:22.5   Irvine, CA Orange County Beer Mile Champions...M55  
37.Bill Petsch*   8:23.0   River Falls, WI 4fth Annual River Falls Days Beer...M59Budwieser, can  what will all want to be when we
38.Barry Siff*   8:25.0   Boulder CO Boulder Beer MileM53Modelo, can  Rookie
39.Chris Kent   8:26.0   Warfield BC Canada 7th annual Warfield beer mileM50Budweiser, can  
40.Dave "Train Wreck" Clingan   8:27.0   Portland, OR 1st Annual Fernhill Beer MileM53Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  Retook the lead with 200 to go
41.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick*   8:28.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 3rd annual FFKICBMCM54Coors, can  4th beer mile - getting better with age?
42.Mark "Frothy Marky" Carver   8:28.0   Nashville, TN 2010 Nashville Beer MileM50Coors, can  
43.Sundance    8:28.0   IOR Park, Bucharest, Roma... Beermile al III-leaM50Tuborg, bottle  winner ex aequo
44.Dave Fabian*   8:29.0   Morris County, NJ 9th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M52Miller, bottle  
45.Dave "The Chief" Keefe   8:34.0   West Chester, PA Tough Man's 2010 Beer MileM65Keystone Light, can  Strong Old Man
46.Dave Covey   8:34.0   San Rafael, California Dave Covey's Solo Beer MileM52Budweiser, can  Solo
47.Old Timer*   8:35.0   Amherst, OH Beaver Creek Running Club Present...M50Coors, can  
48.John "Brit" Taylor*   8:36.0   Cambridge Ontario 1st Annual Cambridge BeermileM54Budweiser, can  
49.Dean Hebert*   8:37.0   Tempe, AZ Tempe Beer Mile Part DeuxM51Coors, can  New state age group record
50.Calvin "Calbo" Sears*   8:37.2   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds MileM50Coors, can  doesn't even like beer
51.Keith "Pilz" Houck   8:39.0   Chapel Hill, NC BC Beer MileM53Budweiser, can  First race!
52.Tim Kliegl*   8:40.0   Irvine, CA The OC Beer MileM54Modelo, can  
53.A.T. "Damian the AntiChrist" Crist   8:41.0   Uni High, Los Angeles, CA LAH3 2013 Beer MileM57Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  :19, 1:25, 0:50, 1:24, 0:56, 1:28, 0:54, 1:25
54.David Bronstein*   8:42.0   Mill Valley, CA Marin Beer Mile #1M50Budweiser, can  Yikes!
55.Lloyd Brockerville   8:43.0   Marystown, Newfoundland Brockerville Pre-Christmas Beer M...M50coors light, bottle  
56.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick   8:45.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 5th Annual FFKICBMCM56Coors, can  Another Top 40 over 50 time
57.Habib Torfi   8:45.0   Irvine, CA OC Beer Mile ChampionshipsM55Miller Genuine Draft, can  
58.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick*   8:45.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 1st annual FFKICBMCM52Coors, can  
59.Mrs. Fattori   8:48.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM55Busch, can  continues to chase with failure (until the grim reaper comes)
60.Calvin "Calbo" Sears*   8:51.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 4M55Miller, can  4 beers too many
61.Emstip "Master Kim" Kim*   8:52.0   Dallas, TX Fall 2006 Dallas H3 BeermileM53Budweiser, bottle  
62.Damian the Anti Christ*   8:53.0   Los Angeles, CA socal hash spring 2007 Beer mileM51Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  blue devil
63.Jeff "Dog" Kirchner   8:54.0   Lancaster, PA F and M beer mileM52Coors regular, can  presented the award toJim for winning
64.Sears "Calbo" Calvin*   8:55.0    Team Cyco Sude Mile 5M52Budweiser, can  He's learning
65.Eric "Old timer" Deveaux   8:57.0   Sydney, Cape Breton 4th Annual CB Barbarians House Cr...M53Labbatt Blue, can  PB
66.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick   8:57.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 6th Annual FFKICBMCM57Coors, can  Fastest time ever for a 57 year old
67.Randy Millar*   8:59.0   Morris County, NJ 9th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M50Hatuey, bottle  
68.Glen "Spewie Stewie" Stewart   9:00.0   Cambridge Ontario Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2M54Labatts Blue, can  
69.Peter "Dr Who" Gill*   9:02.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 1st annual FFKICBMCM51  
70.Jim Grizzetti   9:06.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M50Asahi, bottle  
71.Bob Sedlemeyer   9:09.1   Fort Wayne, IN 6th AnnualM55Chocolate Milk, cup  
72.Felix Lopez*   9:11.0   Irvine, CA The OC Beer MileM52Budweiser, can  
73.Tim R. "the reifer" *   9:12.0   Sarasota, Florida Sarasota's 2nd Annual Beer Mile -...M51can  virgin beermiler
74.Bill Petsch*   9:14.0   River Falls, WI 5th annual RF Days Beer MileM60Budwieser, can  everyone's hero!
75.Randy Miller   9:14.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M53Budweiser, bottle  
76.McHalffey "Grandpa" Mike*   9:18.0    Team Cyco Sude Mile 5M53Miller, can  Duck dynasty lives
77.Scott Vail   9:18.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M51Asahi, bottle  
78.Dean Hebert*   9:18.0   Tempe, AZ Tempe Arizona Beer MileM51Budweiser, can  State Age Group Record
79.Scott "Latte" Harville*   9:20.6   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds MileM51Coors, can  prefers latte, but beer will do
80.Errol Holmes   9:22.0   Brisbane, Australia Queensland Beer Mile ChampionshipM67Tooheys Dry, bottle  
81.Mike "British Thunder"    9:22.0   Udora, Ontario Country Beer MileM50Steam Whistle, can  
82.Tony "Bozo" Bouso*   9:23.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 3M51Budweiser, can  making Castro proud
83.Ric Perron*   9:23.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM55Granville Island Winter Ale, bottle  
84.John Swenson   9:24.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM54Coors, can  Oldest, tallest
85.Eric Deveaux   9:27.0   Sydney, Cape Breton CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer MileM52Labbat's Blue, can  
86.Gareth Pughe*   9:28.0   Tokyo, Japan First Beer Mile in JapanM52Sapporo black label, can  Very steady. Charged home strong.
87.Raymond Zurcher   9:30.0   San Antonio, TX 2013 San Antonio Beer MileM51Budweiser, can  
88.Peter "the untier" Schofield   9:30.0   Abbotsford, BC Friday Night TriNight Test MileM51Molson, can  
89.Cali "Palm Tree Slut" Boy   9:31.3   A Dark Place On A Hill Donkey Punch Beer MileM88Budweiser, can  You lost to a girl, 'nuff said
90.Graham Dunne   9:32.0   Vancouver, BC Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer M...M50Kokanee (5%), can  Put the young lads to shame.
91.Walter Keleman   9:33.0   Brisbane, Australia Queensland Beer Mile ChampionshipM55Tooheys Dry, bottle  
92.Ken "Gigolo" Ashby*   9:33.0   Dallas, TX Fall 2005 Dallas H3 Beer MileM53Coors, can  
93.Peter Eat-Her   9:34.0    FiFi and Just M's Blue Moon Birth...M61Lakeport Pilsener, 5.0%, 355 mL cans, can  
94.Terry "FAF" Fanning*   9:35.0   Houston, TX 2010 Summer Houston Hash Beer MileM58Miller High Life, can  
95.Greg "hound dog" Bell*   9:38.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 4M50miller, can  retired and no life
96.Jim Cambridge*   9:39.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM54Beacon, can  
97.Randy Miller   9:40.0   Morris County, NJ 10th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M51Sam Adams Winterfes, bottle  
98.Scott "Latte" Harville*   9:48.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 3M53Budweiser, can  smooooth
99.Bell "Hound Dog" Greg*   9:48.0    Team Cyco Sude Mile 5M53Budweiser, can  All the way from Florida
100.Naked Hiking Guy*   9:49.0   Nashville, TN 2009 Nashville Beer MileM50Budweiser, can  

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