World Records
Top 100 Performances, Age 50 and Up (Grand Masters)

(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.Barry Lass*   6:51.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M502013Budweiser, can  50+ World record
2.Dana Slut   7:09.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM692007Busch, can  PR for a grandpa
3.Short Frankenstein   7:11.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM692007Busch, can  PR for an old man
4.Tony Young   7:13.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM502012Bud & Coors, can  Holds WR for mile @ age 46
5.Bob "BJ" Julian   7:14.1   Ancaster, ON Paul Felix Bachalor PartyM502008Canadian, bottle  
6.John O'Hearn   7:20.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM502012Bud & Coors, can  Sick, tired, fast
7.Mike Erbe*   7:24.0   Los Gatos CA 2007 Silicon Valley Beer MileM512007can  
8.Dean Abbass   7:26.0   Sydney, Cape Breton 2012 House Crawl BeermileM502012Labatt's Blue, can  
9.Tom Albright   7:28.0   Irvine, CA OC Beer Mile ChampionshipsM572013Miller Genuine Draft, can  2012 Champion
10.MIke "sunshine" McHalffey*   7:31.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 3M512010Budweiser, can  lots of training this year
11.Mike Erbe*   7:36.0   Los Gatos CA Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008M522008  
12.Mike "Birthday Boy" Friedl*   7:45.8   Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Foamy Frome IIIM502013Becks, bottle  Entering new age group in style!
13.Mike Erbe*   7:46.0   Los Gatos CA 2006 Silicon Valley Beer MileM502006  
14.Randy "Guido" Schmidt*   7:47.0   New Orleans, LA NOLA Summer Beer MileM502013Budweiser, can  Heat 4
15.John "BeerDog" Gillespie   7:49.0   Palo Alto, California Gillespie Invitational Beer MileM542014Budweiser, can  
16.Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   7:50.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 6th Annual FFKICBMCM512013Budweiser, bottle  the 3rd fastest time for a 51 year old. He's won this almost every year.
17.Phil "Bootsie" Wright*   7:51.2   Simi Valley, CA 2nd Annual Beer MileM502006Coors, can  Vicious determination
18.Andy "GNO" Palowitch   7:53.7   McLean, VA Guys Night OutM502010Molson Golden, bottle  There's no tomorrow.
19.Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   7:54.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 5th Annual FFKICBMCM502012Budweiser, bottle  Turned 50, a great time
20.Dave "Train Wreck" Clingan*   7:58.0   Simi Valley, CA 3rd Annual Simi Valley Beer MileM522007Coors, can  On WR pace - next year.
21.Tom Albright   7:58.0   Irvine, CA City of Irvine Beer Mile Champion...M562012Miller Genuine Draft, can  2012 OC Beer Mile Champion
22.Mike "Grandpa" McHalffet*   8:00.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 4M512011Miller, can  Hammer em early
23.John "The Brit" Taylor   8:00.0   Cambridge Ontario Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2M572013Budweiser, can  
24.Brockerville Lloyd   8:03.0   Marystown, Newfoundland 3rd Annual Brockerville Beer MileM502011Coors Light, bottle  
25.Greg Cauler   8:03.0   Lancaster, PA F and M beer mileM512011Coors regular, can  drank 2 more at the end
26.Mike "Grandpa" McHalfeffey   8:05.8   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 2M502009Miller, can  it's a habit
27.Bill Petsch   8:06.0   River Falls, WI 5th Annual River Falls Days Beer ...M612012Miller High Life, can  
28.Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   8:08.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 7th Annual FFKICBMCM522014Budweiser, can  Not as fast as last year, still winning every year the FFK in the name of the race are his initials
29.Paul Abdalla   8:09.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM502012Budweiser, can  Where's his shirt?
30.Dave Ripp*   8:10.0   Mill Valley, CA Marin Beer Mile #1M602012Fat Tire Amber Ale, bottle  60yo+ Age Group WR Attempt
31.Tony "Cyco Prez" Bouso   8:19.4   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 2M522009Budweiser, can  vagina has healed
32.Bill Brasier*   8:20.0   Los Gatos CA 2009 Silicon Valley Beer MIleM502009Stella Artois,   Drinking the wife beating juice- Kudos!
33.Rocco Dellaserra    8:20.1   Morris County, NJ 10th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M512012YooHoo Choc Milk, can  
34.Jake "Lube Job" DeBoe*   8:20.9   Houston, TX 2007 Fall Houston Hash Beer MileM592007Miller High Life, can  
35.Bill Brasier*   8:22.0   Los Gatos CA Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008M502008  
36.Tom Albright   8:22.1   Irvine, CA Orange County Beer Mile Champions...M562012  
37.Bill Mcquown   8:22.5   Irvine, CA Orange County Beer Mile Champions...M552012  
38.Bill Petsch*   8:23.0   River Falls, WI 4fth Annual River Falls Days Beer...M592010Budwieser, can  what will all want to be when we
39.Barry Siff*   8:25.0   Boulder CO Boulder Beer MileM532008Modelo, can  Rookie
40.Chris Kent*   8:26.0   Warfield BC Canada 7th annual Warfield beer mileM502013Budweiser, can  
41.Dave "Train Wreck" Clingan   8:27.0   Portland, OR 1st Annual Fernhill Beer MileM532008Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  Retook the lead with 200 to go
42.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick*   8:28.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 3rd annual FFKICBMCM542010Coors, can  4th beer mile - getting better with age?
43.Mark "Frothy Marky" Carver   8:28.0   Nashville, TN 2010 Nashville Beer MileM502010Coors, can  
44.Sundance    8:28.0   IOR Park, Bucharest, Roma... Beermile al III-leaM502013Tuborg, bottle  winner ex aequo
45.Dave Fabian*   8:29.0   Morris County, NJ 9th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M522011Miller, bottle  
46.Jeff Kirchner   8:31.0   Lancaster, PA F and M Track Club 5th Summer Bee...M542014Coors, can  
47.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick   8:33.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 7th Annual FFKICBMCM582014Coors, can  Fastest time for a 58 year old (so far)
48.Dave "The Chief" Keefe   8:34.0   West Chester, PA Tough Man's 2010 Beer MileM652010Keystone Light, can  Strong Old Man
49.Dave Covey*   8:34.0   San Rafael, California Dave Covey's Solo Beer MileM522013Budweiser, can  Solo
50.Old Timer*   8:35.0   Amherst, OH Beaver Creek Running Club Present...M502005Coors, can  
51.John "Brit" Taylor*   8:36.0   Cambridge Ontario 1st Annual Cambridge BeermileM542010Budweiser, can  
52.Dean Hebert*   8:37.0   Tempe, AZ Tempe Beer Mile Part DeuxM512008Coors, can  New state age group record
53.Calvin "Calbo" Sears*   8:37.2   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds MileM502008Coors, can  doesn't even like beer
54.Keith "Pilz" Houck   8:39.0   Chapel Hill, NC BC Beer MileM532012Budweiser, can  First race!
55.Tim Kliegl*   8:40.0   Irvine, CA The OC Beer MileM542005Modelo, can  
56.A.T. "Damian the AntiChrist" Crist*   8:41.0   Uni High, Los Angeles, CA LAH3 2013 Beer MileM572013Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  :19, 1:25, 0:50, 1:24, 0:56, 1:28, 0:54, 1:25
57.David Bronstein*   8:42.0   Mill Valley, CA Marin Beer Mile #1M502012Budweiser, can  Yikes!
58.Lloyd Brockerville   8:43.0   Marystown, Newfoundland Brockerville Pre-Christmas Beer M...M502010coors light, bottle  
59.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick   8:45.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 5th Annual FFKICBMCM562012Coors, can  Another Top 40 over 50 time
60.Habib Torfi   8:45.0   Irvine, CA OC Beer Mile ChampionshipsM552013Miller Genuine Draft, can  
61.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick*   8:45.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 1st annual FFKICBMCM522008Coors, can  
62.Mrs. Fattori   8:48.0   a dark place on a hill 6th annual donkey punch beer mileM552007Busch, can  continues to chase with failure (until the grim reaper comes)
63.Calvin "Calbo" Sears*   8:51.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 4M552011Miller, can  4 beers too many
64.Emstip "Master Kim" Kim*   8:52.0   Dallas, TX Fall 2006 Dallas H3 BeermileM532006Budweiser, bottle  
65.Damian the Anti Christ*   8:53.0   Los Angeles, CA socal hash spring 2007 Beer mileM512007Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  blue devil
66.Jeff "Dog" Kirchner   8:54.0   Lancaster, PA F and M beer mileM522011Coors regular, can  presented the award toJim for winning
67.Sears "Calbo" Calvin*   8:55.0    Team Cyco Sude Mile 5M522012Budweiser, can  He's learning
68.Eric "Old timer" Deveaux   8:57.0   Sydney, Cape Breton 4th Annual CB Barbarians House Cr...M532011Labbatt Blue, can  PB
69.Kevin "Coolerman" Garlick   8:57.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 6th Annual FFKICBMCM572013Coors, can  Fastest time ever for a 57 year old
70.Randy Millar*   8:59.0   Morris County, NJ 9th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M502011Hatuey, bottle  
71.Glen "Spewie Stewie" Stewart   9:00.0   Cambridge Ontario Cambridge Beer Mile Part 2M542013Labatts Blue, can  
72.Peter "Dr Who" Gill*   9:02.0   Undisclosed Location, Rho... 1st annual FFKICBMCM512008  
73.Jouni "Tuomarilan Tiikeri" Holopainen   9:05.0   Helsinki, Finland The Backwood Hillbillies Internat...M532014Sininen, can  Light beer (3.5%)
74.Jim Grizzetti*   9:06.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M502013Asahi, bottle  
75.Bob Sedlemeyer   9:09.1   Fort Wayne, IN 6th AnnualM552009Chocolate Milk, cup  
76.Felix Lopez*   9:11.0   Irvine, CA The OC Beer MileM522005Budweiser, can  
77.Tim R. "the reifer" *   9:12.0   Sarasota, Florida Sarasota's 2nd Annual Beer Mile -...M512009can  virgin beermiler
78.Bill Petsch*   9:14.0   River Falls, WI 5th annual RF Days Beer MileM602011Budwieser, can  everyone's hero!
79.Randy Miller*   9:14.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M532013Budweiser, bottle  
80.McHalffey "Grandpa" Mike*   9:18.0    Team Cyco Sude Mile 5M532012Miller, can  Duck dynasty lives
81.Scott Vail*   9:18.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M512013Asahi, bottle  
82.Dean Hebert*   9:18.0   Tempe, AZ Tempe Arizona Beer MileM512007Budweiser, can  State Age Group Record
83.Scott "Latte" Harville*   9:20.6   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds MileM512008Coors, can  prefers latte, but beer will do
84.Errol Holmes   9:22.0   Brisbane, Australia Queensland Beer Mile ChampionshipM672008Tooheys Dry, bottle  
85.Mike "British Thunder" *   9:22.0   Udora, Ontario Country Beer MileM502013Steam Whistle, can  
86.Tony "Bozo" Bouso*   9:23.0   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds Mile 3M512010Budweiser, can  making Castro proud
87.Ric Perron*   9:23.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM552009Granville Island Winter Ale, bottle  
88.John Swenson   9:24.0   Redmond, WA Northwest Oval Beer ChallengeM542012Coors, can  Oldest, tallest
89.John "Nomo" Nomellini   9:26.0   Vancouver, BC 5th Annual iEtaPi Beer MileM502014Heineken, Molson Canadian, can  
90.Eric Deveaux   9:27.0   Sydney, Cape Breton CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer MileM522010Labbat's Blue, can  
91.Gareth Pughe*   9:28.0   Tokyo, Japan First Beer Mile in JapanM522006Sapporo black label, can  Very steady. Charged home strong.
92.Raymond Zurcher   9:30.0   San Antonio, TX 2013 San Antonio Beer MileM512013Budweiser, can  
93.Peter "the untier" Schofield   9:30.0   Abbotsford, BC Friday Night TriNight Test MileM512012Molson, can  
94.Lager Lout   9:30.0   Bronx, NY Beer Mile 2M542014Corona, can  debut, Top 100 Grand Master World Record in his debut? we would expect nothing less from this Lout who can now add beer mile to his running credentials
95.Phil "Old Man" Rybecky   9:31.0   Port Washington NY PWNY Beer MileM562014Brooklyn Summer, can  Great Race No practice
96.Cali "Palm Tree Slut" Boy   9:31.3   A Dark Place On A Hill Donkey Punch Beer MileM882008Budweiser, can  You lost to a girl, 'nuff said
97.Graham Dunne   9:32.0   Vancouver, BC Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer M...M502012Kokanee (5%), can  Put the young lads to shame.
98.Walter Keleman   9:33.0   Brisbane, Australia Queensland Beer Mile ChampionshipM552009Tooheys Dry, bottle  
99.Ken "Gigolo" Ashby*   9:33.0   Dallas, TX Fall 2005 Dallas H3 Beer MileM532005Coors, can  
100.Peter Eat-Her   9:34.0    FiFi and Just M's Blue Moon Birth...M612012Lakeport Pilsener, 5.0%, 355 mL cans, can  

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