World Records
Top 50 Female Performances

(following "official" Kingston rules)

NameTime LocationRaceSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Seanna Robinson   6:42.0   Hamilton, ON F  
2.Kirsty Smith   6:43.0   Vancouver, BC 1st Annual New Years Eve Beer MileF21Canadian, can  Kajaks
3.Elizabeth "The Doctor" Herndon   6:48.0   State College, PA Dr. Beth's Magnificent Beer MileF27Molson/Blue Moon, can  WR attempt, 36 sec PR
4.Seanna Robinson   6:52.0   Edmonton, AB 2001 World Beer Mile ChampionshipsF  
5.Seanna Robinson   6:56.0   Kingston, ON 3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer M...F  
6.Amanda Weiss   7:09.0   Amherst, MA ACT&F Championships (1997)F21Budweiser, can  
7.Sarah Hann   7:34.0   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IF  Wesleyan
8.Krista "Kee-Kee O'" Beddoes   7:36.9   Edmonton, AB 2003 Northern Alberta Regional Ch...FBig Rock Grasshopper, can  PB
9.Lauren Swigart   7:37.0   Los Gatos CA Silicon Valley Beer Mile 2008F  
10.Nicole Dwyer   7:38.0   Peterborough, ON Peterborough Beer MileF27Upper Canada, can  Rookie Mile, lots of puking afterwards
11.Dee Bone-z   7:40.0    Grand Pre Beer MileFBudweiser, can  Hella Hot
12.Lauren McCarthy   7:43.0   Cambridge, MA Cambridge Beer Mile ChampionshipsF19Miller High Life, can  damn fast for a girl
13.Heather "Nasty" Lambert   7:44.0   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IF  Wesleyan
14.Sarah "McSween" McSweeney   7:47.5   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileFbottle  
15.Courtney "Tank" Kirkby   7:52.0   Kingston, ON Queen's University Beer Mile 2005F19Heineken, can  Rough second lap, 4th lap was glory
16.Jan Cerny   7:53.0   Calgary, AB 3rd Annual B.S.D. Beer MileF  
17.Julia Thomas   7:59.0   Kingston, ON 3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer M...F  
18.Rachelle "The Female Phenom" Duerre   8:00.0   Grand Forks, ND 2nd Annual UND Firewater Fun RunF20Coors Orig, can  HOLY FUCK!
19.Stacey Izard   8:00.0   Chicago, IL 2009 Illinois Beer Mile State Cha...F35Ice House, can  
20.Julia Thomas   8:02.0   Kingston, ON 1996 Kingston Spring Beer MileF  
21.Flo "Machine" CD   8:03.0   Montreal, PQ Automn Battle Ukam VS You de MF21Budweiser, can  You de M
22.Yolanda "Yoda" Flamino   8:08.0   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IF  Trinity
23.Sarah "Flocker" Hanson   8:17.0   Brookings, SD 3rd Annual South Dakota Beer Mile...F18Budweiser, can  16th fastest women ever
24.Jo "U been Girled" Shott   8:17.0   Jacksonville, FL 5th Annual Jacksonville Beer MileF29Coors, can  She came to get down
25.Carrie Weyant   8:19.0   Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee Beer MileF  
26.Heidi Melia   8:24.0   New Orleans, LA New Orleans Summer Beer MileFBudweiser, can  
27.Katie Trandem   8:29.0   Middletown, CT Wesleyan Prime TimeF21Miller High Life, can  
28.Beth Donahue   8:31.0   New Orleans, LA New Orleans Summer Beer MileF  
29.Devra ?   8:31.0   Montreal, PQ F  
30.Maureen "Messy" McMurray   8:31.0   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IF  Wesleyan
31.V?ronique Legault   8:32.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...F22Girl drink, cup  DQ - Illegal drink
32.Sarah Baribeau   8:33.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...F23Girl drink, cup  DQ - Illegal drink
33.Ann " AC" Ciaverella   8:33.0   Portland, OR Ironheads Triathlon Team Annual B...F35Coors, bottle  Photo finish
34.Sarah "Sarah Mac" McMillan   8:33.1   Portland, OR Ironheads Triathlon Team Annual B...F33Coors, bottle  Photo finish
35.Marilaine Savard   8:34.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...F22Girl drink, cup  DQ
36.Krista Beddoes-English   8:36.0   Edmonton, AB 2001 World Beer Mile ChampionshipsF  
37.Annie Riopel-Meunier   8:36.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...F22Girl drink, cup  DQ
38.Susannah "Nugget" Harvey-Jamieson   8:36.0   Brisbane, Australia Queensland Beer Mile Championship...F36Schnitzer Brau, bottle  relay with below
39.Nicole Campbell   8:36.5   San Francisco, CA 3rd Annual WVTC Winter ClassicFBudweiser, can  Rookie effort
40.Corinne Compton   8:38.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileF38Pipers Pale Ale, can  
41.Sarah "Hamburger Helper" Schaefer   8:38.0   San Diego, CA Intergalactic Hash 2nd Annual Win...F43Pabst Blue Ribbon, can  
42.Marianne    8:40.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...F20Girl drink, cup  DQ
43.Mallory Gordon   8:41.0   Ashland, OR 2003 SOU Icebreaker Beer Mile Inv...Fcan  
44.Flo "Machine" CD   8:42.0   Montreal, PQ Initiations Montreal 2012F21Alexander Keith, can  Yoooooo
45.Maria Berger   8:45.0   Missoula, MT The Team Stampede Beer MileF30keystone, can  winning women
46.Krista "Kiki O" Beddoes   8:45.0   Calgary, AB 6th Annual B.S.D. Beer MileF  3 beer event!
47.Rochelle Zolna   8:46.0   Los Gatos CA 2005 Silicon Valley Beer MileF39can  first female
48.Satohi Numasawa   8:46.0   Tokyo, Japan Second Beer Mile in JapanF33Sapporo, can  Japanese Women record holder
49.Brittany Ekleberry   8:47.0   Morris County, NJ 9th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...F31Hoegaarden, bottle  #43 on World all-time list
50.Jackie Pearce   8:49.0   Columbia, MO First Annual Missouri Beer MileFBudweiser,   

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