World Records
Top 100 Male Performances

(following "official" Kingston rules)

NameTime LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.James "The Beast" Nielsen   4:57.0   San Francisco, CA Marin Beer MileM342014Budweiser, can  First Sub-5
2.Josh Harris   5:02.5   Melbourne, Australia 2012 Autumn Classic Beer MileM212012Maxx Dry, bottle  5.0% WR: 7,1.16,1.25, 2.34, 2.43, 3.52, 4.02, 5.02
3.Jim Finlayson   5:09.0   Victoria, BC 4th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM322007Granville Island Winter Ale, bottle  
4.Josh "Harry" Harris   5:16.3   St. Leonards, Australia Australian Beer Mile showdownM212012Lowenbrau, bottle  5.2% New NR and 2nd only tim Jim finlayson. 3:50 through 1209m
5.Jack Colreavy   5:17.0   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2013 Parkville Beer MileM2013bottle  
6.Nick Symmonds   5:19.0   Symmondsville, OR Nick Symmonds OpenM292012Coors, can  
7.Jim Finlayson   5:20.0   Victoria, BC Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute B...M312006Keepers Stout, can  
8.Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher   5:23.0   Winnipeg, MB 2012 Manitoba Winter beermileM2012Kokanee Gold, bottle  Broke his own Manitoba beermile record by over 20s. It was also his birthday
9.Markus Liwing   5:24.3   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M222012Spendrups, 33cl, can  New swedish record!
10.Ash "Watto" Watson   5:28.2   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileM2012Maxx Dry, bottle  
11.Jack Colreavy   5:30.0   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileM2012Pure Blonde, bottle  
12.Nick "National Champ" Symmonds   5:31.0   McMinnville, OR First Annual Linfield Beer Mile I...M212005bottle  
13.Charlie Blanch   5:31.8   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileM2012Maxx Dry, bottle  
14.Jonathan Charlesworth   5:33.0   San Francisco, CA 5th Annual WVTC Summer ClassicM2010Budweiser, can  PR
15.Rosendo "El Machin" Vallejos   5:35.0   New Orleans, LA New Orleans Summer Beer MileM192005Abita Amber, bottle  
16.Sean Wade   5:40.0   Hamilton, ON M1997  
17.Steve Contreras   5:40.2   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IM1998  Amherst
18.Todd "T Rose" Rose   5:41.9   San Francisco, CA 3rd Annual WVTC Winter ClassicM352009Budweiser, can  8 sec PR, soon to be 2nd Fastest Official Time in US
19.Dan Michaluk   5:42.0   Hamilton, ON M1997  
20.Markus "Kenyan" Liwing   5:42.0   Link?ping, Sweden LiTHe Syras Beer Mile 2009M192009Spendrups 5% 330ml, can  First time, Swedish record!
21.Elijah "The Captain" Shekinah   5:44.5   Knoxville, TN RMB Beer Mile 2007M292007Miller High Life, can  1st time
22.Corey "Whipper" Gallagher   5:45.0   Winnipeg, MB 2011 Manitoba Winter beermileM242011bottle  2 seconds off his Manitoba record. Helped shovel the track the night before and got way past loaded.
23.Erik Bartleson   5:45.0   Platteville, WI 2005 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMileM212005IceHouse, bottle  :11,:65,:19,:70,:20,:68,:22,:67
24.Staffan Ek   5:45.7   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M212012Åbro Sigill, 33 cl, can  
25.Nick Walker   5:47.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM262009Granville Island Winter Ale, bottle  
26.Todd "T Rose" Rose   5:47.0   San Francisco, CA 5th Annual WVTC Summer ClassicM2010Budweiser, can  
27.Dan Michaluk   5:48.0   Kingston, ON 3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer M...M1997  
28.Thane "The Scholar" Hancock   5:48.0   Amherst, MA ACT&F Championships (1997)M221997Budweiser, can  
29.Dan Michaluk   5:48.4   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic XM1998  
30.Dan Michaluk   5:49.0   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic IXM1997  
31.Todd "T Rose" Rose   5:50.0   San Francisco, CA 1st Annual WVTC Winter ClassicM2007Budweiser, can  
32.Luis "Santiago" Armenteros   5:51.0   Houston, TX The Hemingway Hash Beer MileM402013Budweiser, can  Im going to need a bigger boat.
33.Dana Bellows   5:51.0   Amherst, MA NESCAC Championships IM1998  Tufts
34.Erik Martinsson   5:51.1   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M292012Spendrups, 33 cl, can  
35.Dave "Thunderwolf" Cybulski   5:52.0   Thunder Bay, ON 1st Annual Saint Patrick's Day Be...M222007Keiths, can  Another well earned PB, and the debut of the year for Dave took his PB down 8 seconds
36.Thane "Toothbrush" Hancock   5:54.7   Amherst, MA ACT&F ChampionshipsM1996  
37.Mike "Mullet B. Miler" Logue   5:54.9   Waterloo, ON 5th Annual Spring K-W BM (Ontario...M242006Carling Black Label, can  PB & Record (sub-6)
38.Mike Vine   5:55.0   Victoria, BC Island Road Racers Christmas Beer...M2000  
39.Andreas Åhwall   5:55.3   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M23201233 cl, can  
40.Dan Michaluk   5:55.5   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic VIIIM1996  
41.Forrest "GO FORREST" Braden   5:56.0   Boise, ID Boise Beer MileM222005Miller Genuine Draft, can  Wore the bib number from USA Nationals
42.Todd "T Rose" Rose   5:56.5   San Francisco, CA 2nd Annual WVTC Summer ClassicM342007Budweiser, can  
43.Dan Michaluk   5:57.0   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic VIIM1995  
44.Nick Walker   5:57.0   Victoria, BC 4th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileM242007Granville Island Winter Ale, bottle  
45.Ian Fallas   5:58.0   Calgary, AB 1998 Pre Jasper-Banff Relay Beer ...M1998  
46.Calum "Canada" Neff   5:58.0   Houston, TX 3rd Annual Houston Vs. Lamar Beer...M222006Budweiser, can  
47.Steve Contreras   5:58.2   Amherst, MA ACT&F ChampionshipsM1996  
48.Dan Michaluk   5:59.0   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic XIIM2000  
49.Dan Michaluk   5:59.0   Kingston, ON 6th Annual Kingston Spring Beer M...M2000  
50.Jim Gignac   5:59.0   Windsor, ON Windsor Fall Beer MileM1999  
51.Sean "Mr. Rogers" Rogers   5:59.0   Birmingham, AL Samford Beer Mile 08'M222008HighLife, can  
52.Donald "Double Barrel" Baril   6:00.0   Amherst, MA ACT&F Championships (1997)M221997Budweiser, can  
53.Ben Schmeckpeper   6:01.0   Cambridge, MA Cambridge Beer Mile ChampionshipsM222006Heineken, can  school record
54.Ian Fallas   6:01.1   Kingston, ON Kingston Classic VIIIM1996  
55.Dave "Hutch-EZ" Hutchinson   6:01.7   Waterloo, ON 5th Annual Spring K-W BM (Ontario...M242006Labatt 50 / Molson Canadian, can  PB, breaks previous record
56.Chris "Brewski" Bruce   6:02.0   Cambridge, MA Cambridge Beer Mile ChampionshipsM202006Miller High Life, can  
57.Rosendo Vallejos   6:02.0   New Orleans, LA ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Be...M192005Abita Amber, bottle  Heat 5 winner
58.Johan Anestad   6:02.0   Morris County, NJ 4th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M362006Hocus Pocus, bottle  Sweden
59.Mark "K Perry" Kirwan   6:03.2   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileM2012Stout then lager, bottle  
60.Josh Harris   6:03.9   St. Leonards, Australia Australian record attemptM202010Tooheys dry, bottle  Australian Record. 2010 world leading! splits 14: 65: 30: 66: 30: 66: 30: 61
61.Matt Richardson   6:04.0   Halifax, NS Halifax Beer MileM2000  
62.Geoff Mikelsons   6:04.0   Chicago, IL 2009 Illinois Beer Mile State Cha...M292009Ice House, can  New OFFICIAL record
63.Zach Strong   6:04.0   Missoula, MT 2006 Western Montucky Beermile Ch...M232006Budweiser, can  new record
64.Rasmus Elmelid   6:04.2   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M22201233 cl, can  
65.Dan Michaluk   6:05.0   Toronto, ON Nigel Gray Stag Beer MileM2000  
66.Remi Bouchard   6:05.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Beermile initiation XC Vert & Or ...M202007Budweiser, can  Track record / Meet record
67.Sonny "One Eye" Gamble   6:05.0   Amherst, MA Amherst Frozen Toe Beer MileM222010Budweiser, can  
68.Alan "Cuckoo" Harris   6:06.3   Shreveport, LA Team Cyco Suds MileM362008Coors, can  Cuckoo for Coors
69.Bob "Whitesnake" Adams   6:06.8   Knoxville, TN Hot as Hell Beer Mile '09M292009Miller High Life, can  
70.Dan Michaluk   6:07.0   Kingston, ON 4th Annual Kingston Spring Beer M...M1998  
71.Junyong Pak   6:07.0   New Orleans, LA ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Be...M2005Abita Amber, bottle  
72.Mike "Mullet B. Miler" Logue   6:07.0   Waterloo, ON 5th Annual Fall K-W BMM232005Carling Black Label, can  Defending Champ
73.Mike Matthews   6:08.0   Los Gatos CA 2006 Silicon Valley Beer MileM412006Miller Genuine Draft,   
74.Ben "Taco" Nieto   6:08.0   State College, PA Mark Burnham Spring OpenerM232011Budweiser, can  18 second PR
75.Steve "Contra" Contreras   6:10.0   Amherst, MA ACT&F Championships (1997)M201997Budweiser, can  
76.Dan Michaluk   6:10.5   Toronto, ON Inaugural Toronto Beer MileM1998  
77.Will "Token" Banks   6:10.8   Pueblo, CO Thanksgiving Beermile openM2002Keystone, can  
78.Matt Turnbull   6:11.0   Brunswick, ME 1998 Bowdoin College Chunder MileM1998  
79.Dan Michaluk   6:11.0   Kingston, ON 1996 Kingston Spring Beer MileM1996  
80.Shaun Lavell   6:11.0   Hamilton, ON M1997  
81.Chris Weiler   6:11.0   Los Gatos CA 2009 Silicon Valley Beer MIleM422009  
82.Mike Bremser   6:11.5   Irvine, CA 2005 Orange County, CA Beer Mile ...M2005Natural Ice, can  New OC Beer Mile Record
83.Alex "Wolfman" Wolf-Root   6:12.0   San Francisco, CA 4th Annual WVTC Winter ClassicM2010Budweiser, can  
84.Dave "Hutch-EZ" Hutchinson   6:12.0   Waterloo, ON 5th Annual Fall K-W BMM232005Labatt 50, can  PB
85.Will "The Thrill" Rowland   6:12.1   Philadelphia, PA Hawks Beer MileM212008Miller Genuine Draft, can  
86.Jon Freeman   6:13.0   Swarthmore, PA 1995 Swarthmore OpenM1995  
87.Owen "Rider" Shott   6:13.0   Jacksonville, FL 5th Annual Jacksonville Beer MileM292009Coors, can  State Record like it aint no thing
88.Iain "I-Ballz" McCormick   6:13.0   Saskatoon, SK 4th Annual Sask Beer MileM242009Kokanee, can  New Sask Record, ran in hula skirt and coconut bikini
89.Erik Bartleson   6:14.0   Platteville, WI 2004 post-nationalsM202004IceHouse, bottle  :16,:67,:24,:71,:30,:69,:31,:66
90.Nick "All Talk" Mangos   6:14.0   Adelaide, South Australia... 2nd Annual South Australian Beer ...M252007Carlton Draught, bottle  Cracker of a time, a worthy champion! He will take some beating in 2008. Look for the guy in the waterproof bib.
91.Lars Drageryd   6:14.9   Linkoping, Sweden LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012M23201233 cl, can  
92.Ian Fallas   6:15.0   Calgary, AB Calgary Spring Beer MileM1998  
93.Norbey Gonzalez   6:15.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M402013Molson Ice, bottle  PR by 7s, likely NJ resident record
94.Julien "La Roche" Bouchard   6:15.9   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country USherbro...M212006Budweiser, can  boutch domination (on their first beer mile)
95.Ian Fallas   6:16.0   Winnipeg, MB Tim Berrett Invitational Beer MileM1996  
96.Andrew "Unit" Schneider   6:16.0   Amherst, MA Amherst Intrateam ChallengeM2002Ice House, can  
97.Mike Matthews   6:16.0   Los Gatos CA 2007 Silicon Valley Beer MileM432007can  
98.KC "Hotpants" Cody   6:16.0   Santa Rosa, CA Santa Rosa Beer MileM242010Budweiser, can  PR, 2 days after shamble marathong debut, Horsecow
99.Henrik "m?starn" Atsfors   6:16.8   Sollentuna, Sweden Beermile 2008M212008slotts, can  
100.Dan Michaluk   6:17.0   Kingston, ON 1995 Kingston Spring Beer MileM1996  

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