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Well, here it is: the definitive rankings for If you would like your results to become official, please upload a video showing your race start to finish. If you do not provide video evidence, your performance will not be considered!


25Caitlin Batten6:56.48ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialWestbrook White ThaiCan
26Katja Tegler6:58.00ViewGermanyWomen - All AgesOfficialPott's
27Michaela Keller-Miller6:58.23ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle
28Liz Hittinger6:59.10ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialBud Light PlatinumBottle
29Susie Rivard7:01.05ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle
30Liz Bellis "Limbs"7:01.70ViewAustraliaWomen - All AgesOfficialCanadian MolsonBottle
2nd fastest Aus womens time!
31Hanna Hugosson7:03.00ViewSwedenWomen - All AgesOfficial
32Katie Anderson7:04.00ViewCanadaWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle
33Lyndsay Harper7:05.60ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle
34Hanna Hogusson7:06.00ViewSwedenWomen - All AgesOfficialBocanegraBottle
SWE NR Record
35Frida Hellstadius7:06.05ViewSwedenWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle
36Claire Purcell7:06.14ViewUnited StatesWomen - All AgesOfficialBottle