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Welcome to the Beer Mile Nation. If you're looking for people attempting some of our more "out there" challenges, hectic podcast episodes, or just keeping up with the beer mile news, you've come to the right place.

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Beer Mile Podcast

Join your hosts Chris & Adam shoot the shit with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and just straight-up degenerates.

Beer Mile Media

Watch the most unhinged and spectacular collection of challenges, interviews, and general debauchery that the Beer Mile has to offer.


Keep up with the Kardashians - 'erm, I mean... legitimate Beer Mile news. World Championships, exciting promotional events, and awesome people.

Episode 14: Backyard Beers

Beer Mile Podcast sounds a little bit more fun than say, another running podcast... You guys made us feel way more comfortable than most podcasts. A lot of running podcasts are kind of awkward.

Eric Jenkins & Craig Engels

A Drinking Podcast with a Running Problem

It was a chilly October evening when The Boys™ decided to tie one on. COVID-19 had been ravaging the world and we decided to do what any functioning adults would; get wasted and talk into a microphone.

After we sobered up and gave it a listen, we thought for a while. Why would we start a running podcast when there are plenty others that are better journalists, know more athletes on a personal level, and are just downright better?

After 3 years, we've been blown away by the kind words you all have shared. It's an absolute privilege to provide you all some entertainment throughout your runs, strength sessions, and car rides.

# of Streams


Unhinged challenges, behind the scenes, and Beer Miles galore.

If you asked us to describe our YouTube channel, the answer would probably depend on the last video we released.

What started as a channel for interviewing pro runners quickly turned into a smorgasbord of all things Beer Mile.

  • Video versions of the podcast
  • Biking 100 miles on city bikes for charity
  • Running a whiskey 400m in a french maid outfit

What can we say, putting our bodies through the ringer for content is one of our favorite activities.

What do you want to see next?

We're always looking for new challenges, whether they're listed on the official rules or otherwise! If you and your friends have done a challenge you think is worthy of our suffering, send it to

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