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Well, here it is: the definitive rankings for If you would like your results to become official, please upload a video showing your race start to finish. If you do not provide video evidence, your performance will not be considered!


25Michael Ryan Cunningham5:07.90ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBud Light PlatinumBottle
26Jacob Simonsen5:08.65ViewDenmarkMen - All AgesOfficialBottle
27Ritchie Gardiner5:08.98ViewScotlandMen - All AgesOfficialBottle
28James Thompson5:10.30ViewEnglandMen - All AgesOfficialMoosehead LagerBottle
29Joe Gebbie5:11.00ViewEnglandMen - All AgesOfficialMoosehead LagerBottle
30Jeff Mountjoy5:14.00ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialAmsterdam BlondeBottle
PB by 23 seconds with a couple of lads as cheerleaders
31Chris Russell5:14.24ViewScotlandMen - All AgesOfficialBottle
32Rasmus Thiesen5:15.00ViewNorwayMen - All AgesOfficialBottle
33Iain McCormick5:16.00ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialKokaneeBottle
18 second PB
34Jake Dumford5:16.00ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialPabst Blue RibbonCan
35Charles Jonsworth5:16.00ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBudweiserBottle
36Jonas Anderson5:16.00ViewSwedenMen - All AgesOfficialBottle