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London, United Kingdom

Beer Mile World Classic Men's Championship: *Corey Bellemore WR, Brandon Shirck US Record, Dale Cluttebuck, Euro Record


+10 athletes
Chris Robertson was DQ'd...he was over the limit of beer. Helluva Race, but just over. Dale Clutterbuck is from England ....Official Time 4:47.39 #3 All-Time....English and Euro Record. Brandon Shirck is from the USA ...He ran 4:49.28....American Record, #5 Time ever. The following folks had PRs that put them high on the all-time list: Charlie Blanch, Australia: 5:23.36 Finn McNally, England, 5:21.48 James Thompson, England 5:26.99 Nick Finch, Australia: 5:27.94 Chris Hepworth, England, 5:32.90 (from open section) Tyler Deniston, Scotland, 5:47.86 *National Record Konrad Knutsen, USA 6:11.89 (from open section) Paul Miller, England, 6:13.67 (from open section)