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Meet the gang

Just a few of the many, many people that help make the beer mile and, by extension, the world go 'round.

  • Chris Robertson

    Chief Chug Officer

    Recently disowned by parents for spending an undisclosed amount on, world champion beer miler, #1 in your mom's heart. Earned his MBA from an actual accredited university.

  • Adam Shurson

    Chief Chunder Officer

    Well known for not finishing challenges, just another 25 year-old simp with a podcast. Received his MBA from Stonks University. Nothing special. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-522-4700.

  • Nick MacFalls

    Beer Mile World Classic Co-Founder

    Meet Director for the Beer Mile World Classic. Former professional runner turned meet showrunner. The beers are fucking sacred.

  • John Markell

    Beer Mile World Classic Co-Founder

    Co-Founder of the Beer Mile World Classic. 5:31 masters beer miler. Hails from Canada, living in San Francisco. Crafted the official Beer Mile rules.

  • Corey Gallagher

    Panel Judge

    Former beer mile world record holder, former beer mile world champion. Gave Nick Symmonds the business in Flotrack 2014 champs.

  • Patrick Butler

    Advisory Board

    Original proprietor of, serial entrepreneur. Making sure Adam and Chris don't get in trouble.