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Well, here it is: the definitive rankings for If you would like your results to become official, please upload a video showing your race start to finish. If you do not provide video evidence, your performance will not be considered!


1Corey Bellemore4:28.10ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialFlying Monkeys Beer Mile LagerBottle
New World Record! Splits: 6.6, 55.8, 7.6, 60.4, 7.2, 62.4, 7.1, 60.6
2Chris Robertson4:37.40ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBlue MoonBottle
New American Record. Splits (beer,lap): (5, 1:01), (5, 1:04), (6, 1:05), (7, 1:04)
3Lewis Kent4:47.17ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialAmsterdam BlondeBottle
4Dale Clutterbuck4:47.39ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBudweiserBottle
England, National Record, European Record
5Brandon Shirck4:47.72ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBud Light PlatinumBottle
3 Ounces remaining
6Corey Gallagher4:48.62ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialBud Light PlatinumBottle
7Josh Harris4:51.33ViewAustraliaMen - All AgesOfficialMolson CanadianBottle
New AR, #6 all time
8Markus Liwing4:53.00ViewSwedenMen - All AgesOfficialBocanegroBottle
SWE Record
9Garrett Cullen4:54.50ViewUnited StatesMen - All AgesOfficialBudweiserBottle
10Phil Parrot-Migas4:55.53ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialAmsterdam BlondeBottle
11Ian McCormick4:55.88ViewCanadaMen - All AgesOfficialBottle
Just under 2oz remaining in bottles.
12james hansen4:56.00ViewAustraliaMen - All AgesOfficialCoopers 62Bottle